One of the best open-source media player — VLC Player is back on the Apple’s App Store after being out for almost 2 years. The app has been named VLC for iOS and being an open-source project it is available for Free.

Certainly, it is  great news for iOS consumers who have been waiting to get their hands on one prefect app that can play all video formats. VLC for iOS can play a number of video formats including .mkv and .avi. However the best part is that you do not even have to spend a penny to get the app.

VLC for iOS playing bunny video
Image credit: Apple’s App Store

VideoLAN detailed that it is a lot more than just an upgrade of the initial version; completely re-written and works on any device running iOS 5.1 or later, but there have been reports of slow playback for certain files. If you do face such a problem, VideoLAN is not to be blamed. The reason being that third-party apps on iOS devices can not use hardware acceleration for video playback without using Apple’s own frameworks. VLC for iOS is a universal app and weighs 16.7MB. VideoLAN team has put great efforts towards its development, and the best way to try it out is — get the app and run your favorite videos.

Back in January 2011, the VLC app was removed from the App Store due to conflicts between the Digital Rights Management (DRM) applied to content on the app store and the GPL license under which the app was released. Claims had been made that the app violated the GNU public license, as a result of which the app was taken down.

Finally the app is back, and this time it has been licensed under Mozilla Public License Version 2 and GNU General Public License Version 2.