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There are hundreds of things you can do through an Apple Watch, a smart watch that currently allows pay from there without any problem.
In fact, this is something that is done quite easily and quickly, which will be useful when you have your hands full or you just want to do easy, fast and fun the process of paying a billyou can do it from your watch.
In the same way that with an Android Wear watch we can pay with Google Pay, on the Apple Watch it is more practical to pay so that having to take out the mobile anywhere, you will simply have to bring your watch closer to the establishment’s scanner and make your payment.
Well, before you can get to this point you will have to first configure the Apple Pay app on your Apple Watch, since everything obviously goes through this payment app from the Apple ecosystem. Entering fully into this process, he begins to take note.
First of all, you will have to enter the Watch app on your iPhone mobile, having already paired the Apple Watch. Within the aforementioned app, scroll down until you find the Wallet and Apple Pay tab and enter there, and then click on Add card, in case you haven’t done it before.
In the new screen that will be shown to you, press the orange button which indicates Continueand then in the section Add to Walletchoose either the option of Debit or credit card or the alternative of transit card.
For this point you will have to scan your card, or enter your data manually, following the instructions that you can see on the screen. To verify your card, you will most likely have to enter a code that will reach your mobile via SMS, but this will be the only thing.
And that’s it, when you go to an establishment, all you have to do is double press the side button of the watch so that your card appears on the screen, and finally, bring the watch close to the wireless payment terminal and let the payment be made by itself.
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