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By James Rogerson published 4 April 22
Stylish but suspect
We’re not expecting the Google Pixel 7 range to land until October, but already we’ve seen high-quality leaked and unofficial renders for the range, and now a new set of renders has landed, showing the Pixel 7 Pro in a sky blue shade.
These renders were shared by MyDrivers, which appears to have got them from a source going by ‘Fast Technology’, but how this source obtained or created them is unclear, so we’d certainly take them with a pinch of salt.
Regardless, they show a design that’s similar to what we’ve seen in a previous leak, with a large camera block on the back, just like the Google Pixel 6 Pro.
This appears again to be a triple-lens camera, but this time around two of the lenses (likely the wide and ultra-wide) are grouped together, with a periscope lens off on its own to the right.
A leaked render showing the Google Pixel 7 Pro
A leaked render showing the Google Pixel 7 Pro
However the main visual difference – both from the Pixel 6 Pro and earlier Pixel 7 Pro leaks – is the color scheme, with the camera block being silver (where in previous leaks and in the Pixel 6 Pro it was always black).
That’s then contrasted with a blue back, which includes a fairly bright blue shade at the top, and a paler blue below the camera block.
The sides are a silver shade, matching the camera block, and it’s an altogether stylish and eye-catching look, one which at once is physically very similar to the Pixel 6 range, but thanks to the different colors – and particularly the different camera block color – manages to stand out.
While this is an attractive design, it may well be inaccurate. The source being slightly unclear is the first red flag, as while these largely line up with previous leaks, they could therefore just be based on those leaks, rather than any new or privileged information.
Plus, while the colors look good – and it would in a way make sense for Google to offer drastically different colors for the new models, to help them stand out – the fact that the camera block is a completely different color to what we’ve seen before could also suggest that it’s inaccurate. The bezels to the sides of the screen also perhaps look a bit large.
Then there’s the fact that we’re simply so far from launch that even if this is a design Google has cooked up, it might not be one that ships. So we could well see this sky blue Pixel 7 Pro in October, but we just as likely won’t.
Via GizChina
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