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Motorola to unveil 4.5-inch Moto X on August 1st


Motorola is all set to unveil Moto X smartphone on August 1st. The company has already sent out invitations to media members, inviting them to a press event in New York that clearly reads moto x and shows two of the models holding the device that is exactly identical to the handset that Google’s Eric Schmidt was spotted using a few days ago.

With a grain of salt, a new set of specs of the Moto X smartphone has surfaced online, courtesy of a tipster who claims to have used the CDMA version of the device. Additionally, The Verge has also confirmed that the Moto X will indeed be a mid-segment smartphone with average hardware and a lot of focus on user experience.

It has been reported that the CDMA version of Moto X will be powered by a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon MSM8960T processor, dedicated GPU (not specifically mentioned) and 2GB of RAM. The display is expected to be near the 4.5-inch mark, which adds up to 4.7-inch after including the on-screen buttons.

You might have heard that the smartphone was going to have a tiny 1500mAh battery. Well! That’s not so true. It was actually a value provided by a software tool, and the source said that it didn’t seem to be an accurate value.


The Moto X is said to be running on a ‘near stock’ version of Android 4.2.2, and there have been no confirmations about Android 4.3 yet. The smartphone will include ‘Always On’ voice command feature, Active Updates and the blur-less high performance camera. All in all, Moto X will only be packed with features that are useful; there will be no bloatware, though we aren’t sure whether carriers may pre-load all their apps on contract-enabled versions of the device.

We will keep you updated if/when Moto X finally makes its way to consumers, but for now, keep your eyes and ears open.

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