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How often have you seen the vexing “Too many people are using your account right now” error message when you open Netflix? That message appears when several (more than your plan supports) devices are streaming Netflix content simultaneously. At that point, you may have thought of revoking other people’s access to your Netflix account. No sane person would do that to invite trouble from family and friends. But what happens if all those devices sign out of Netflix?
We shall answer such queries (and more) you might have about signing devices out of your Netflix account. We’ll also show you how to know who’s using your account, where they’re using it from, and what to do after signing out all devices connected to your Netflix account.
Note: We used a computer for this tutorial, but the methods listed herein can also be executed on a mobile browser.
Netflix won’t exactly tell you who’s using your account by their first or last name. Rather, it shows you the name of the devices and other data that can help you identify the persons using your account.
Step 1: Sign in to your account on a browser. Hover your mouse on the profile icon at the top-left corner and click Account.
Step 2: In the Settings section of the Account menu, select ‘Recent device streaming activity.’
On the resulting page, you’ll find a list of devices that have recently accessed your account as well as their respective locations and timezone. Netflix also shows you the last time (data, timezone and minutes) the devices accessed your account.
If you find unrecognized devices from strange locations on the list, your account is probably compromised. You should sign out all devices immediately. But before you do, here are some things you should know.
No, Netflix doesn’t snitch. The affected individuals will eventually find out that they no longer have access to your account, but Netflix doesn’t send a notification or inform them before signing them out.
At the moment, you can’t. It’s an all-or-nothing action. The ‘Sign out of all devices’ function does exactly what the names says. Netflix will sign out all devices associated with your account except the device you used to sign out other devices.
Yes, people you sign out of your account can still watch content. They can simply sign back into your account if they know your password or have it saved on their device. To prevent this, you should change your account password. Otherwise, you might be back to square one in no time when these devices sign back into your account.
Additionally, you should know that the removal of devices from your Netflix account isn’t always instant. And this is due to Netflix’s device removal window.
When you remove devices from your account, it sometimes takes Netflix up to 8 hours to effect the change. So, if you’ve disconnected all devices from your account but still can’t watch your favorite Netflix TV show, you may have to wait for 8 hours or less.
Now that you’ve known the basics about remotely disconnecting your Netflix account from all devices, here’s how to get it done.
Step 1: Visit the Netflix website on a browser and enter your credentials to sign in to your account.
Step 2: Click on the profile icon (or click on it) and select Account from the options.
Step 3: Next, scroll to the Setting section and click ‘Sign out of all devices.’
Step 4: Click the Sign Out button to proceed.
You can change your Netflix account password either from the Account settings menu or by sending yourself a password recovery email/SMS. Follow the steps below to update your Netflix account’s password from the Account settings menu.
Step 1: Sign in to your Netflix account on a browser, tap the profile icon and select Account.
Step 2: In the ‘Membership & Billing section,’ click Change password.
Step 3: You’ll be required to provide your current account password and enter the new password (twice). Click Save to effect the change.
You should set your new strong and secure password. You can also check the box that reads ‘Require all devices to sign in again with new password’ before clicking Save. That’s another interesting method to remotely sign out your Netflix account from other devices.
You shouldn’t be handing your Netflix account details like candies. To prevent (or limit, at best) unauthorized access to your account, only share your password with people you know and trust. Better yet, type your account credentials into their devices yourself. This is better than telling or texting them your password — they can easily forward it to other people.
Asides from being able to watch content without any limitation, signing out of your Netflix account from all devices also comes with security benefits. Handing too many people access to your account exposes your personal information like phone number and credit card details. Let us know if you have more questions about signing devices out of your Netflix account.
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Last updated on 02 February, 2022
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