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NASA Receives 8 2022 Webby Award Nominations – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


The awards are the highest honor for online communications.
Nominees include JPL’s virtual tour and two JPL-managed sites: NASA’s Global Climate Change and NASA’s Solar System Exploration. Public voting is open through April 22.
Since it began in 1958, NASA has been charged by law with spreading the word about its work “to the widest extent practicable.” From typewritten press releases and analog photos and film, NASA has moved effectively into social media and other online communications. In 2022, the agency even introduced its first interactive graphic novel. NASA’s broad reach across digital platforms has been recognized by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, which gave NASA eight nominations for the academy’s Webby Awards this year.
“NASA is honored to receive so many nominations,” said Marc Etkind, NASA’s associate administrator for communications. “The range of nominations – websites, podcasts, videos, even an interactive graphic novel – show NASA’s broad reach in digital communications and our commitment to share the excitement and benefits of space with as many people as possible.”
NASA Nominees
First Woman – NASA’s Promise For Humanity – “First Woman” tells the tale of Callie Rodriguez, the first woman to explore the Moon, aiming to capture our attention and unite the next generation of explorers. NASA/National Institute of Aerospace (Apps and Software: Integrated Mobile Experience)
NASA’s Curious Universe: A Day in Space – This special episode features sound recordings and personal reflections collected by astronauts onboard the International Space Station. NASA (Podcasts – Individual Episodes: Science & Education)
NASA’s Curious Universe: James Webb Mini-Series – This four-part narrative podcast mini-series explores the science, engineering, people, and launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. NASA (Podcasts – Limited-Series & Specials: Health, Science & Education)
NASA’s Global Climate Change – The latest news, features and data about our changing planet. NASA/JPL-Caltech (Websites and Mobile Sites – General Websites and Mobile Sites: Sustainability & Environment)
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Virtual Tour – Takes visitors across the 168-acre laboratory, including mission control, spacecraft assembly clean rooms and the Mars Yard. Each location is embedded with dozens of points of interest, including videos, fun facts, and images. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Virtual & Remote – General: Science & Education)
NASA’s Social Media: Creating a Community of Explorers – With millions of followers, NASA’s flagship social media accounts provide the agency with a collective audience that spans platforms and diverse groups of people. NASA (Social – Features: Best Overall Social Presence – Brand)
NASA’s Solar System Exploration – Launched in October 1998, the Solar System Exploration website is a real-time, living encyclopedia of the robotic exploration of our solar system. NASA/JPL-Caltech (Websites and Mobile Sites – General Websites and Mobile Sites: Science)
“Snacktime With NASA” – “Snacktime With NASA” takes viewers on a delicious tour of NASA’s role in agriculture here on Earth and in space, with recipes bringing food from space to your plate. (Social – Social Content Series & Campaigns: Education & Discovery)
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NASA Honorees
Four other NASA properties were honored in six categories. Webby honorees are recognized for their excellence, but are not eligible for the Webby Award or the People’s Voice Award.
NASA Astromaterials 3D – A virtual library for exploration and research of NASA’s space rock collections. NASA Johnson Space Center (Websites and Mobile Sites – Features & Design: Best Data Visualization)
NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration Social – Looking for planets and life beyond our solar system. NASA/JPL (Social – General Social: Education & Discovery)
NASA’s #SolarTour: A Journey To Touch The Sun – NASA’s #SolarTour took our audiences on a voyage from Earth to the Sun, culminating in the announcement that Parker Solar Probe had finally “touched” the Sun. NASA/ADNET Systems Inc. (Social – Social Content Series & Campaigns: Education & Discovery; and Social – Features: Best Social Campaign)
We Asked NASA Scientists and Astronauts “What is your Favorite Hubble Image?” – NASA/Hubble (Social – Social Video: Education & Discovery; and Video – General Video: Science & Education)
The Webby Awards are presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, which “recognizes excellence in digital creativity, establishing best practices on a yearly basis – continually pushing the standards of web development higher,” according to its website.
See the full list of past NASA Webby Award winners and nominees.
Members of the public can vote through 2:59 a.m. EDT April 22 for the People’s Voice awards as part of the Webby Awards. (Free registration required.) Here are the links to vote in each category:
First Woman – NASA’s Promise For Humanity
NASA’s Curious Universe: A Day in Space
NASA’s Curious Universe: James Webb Mini-Series
NASA's Global Climate Change
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Virtual Tour
NASA’s Social Media: Creating a Community of Explorers
NASA’s Solar System Exploration
Snacktime With NASA
JPL Life .
NASA Wins 3 Webby Awards, 5 People’s Voice Awards for 2022
JPL Life .
JPL Commits to First-Ever Space Industry Diversity Pledge
Robotics .
JPL-Mentored Teams Shine at Annual Student Robotics Competition
JPL Life .
NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter and Asteroid-Monitoring System Honored
JPL Life .
Pi Day Challenge: Solve Math Problems With NASA
Technology .
NASA Selects Futuristic Space Technology Concepts for Early Study
JPL Life .
Santa Monica High Wins Ocean Sciences Bowl Hosted by NASA’s JPL
JPL Life .
Caltech Names Laurie Leshin Director of JPL
JPL Life .
Arcadia High Comes in First as JPL Marks 30 Years Hosting Regional Science Bowl
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JPL Named Among ‘Best Places to Work in 2022’
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April 2022 – A Look at NASA’s Earth System Observatory
Event May 26, 2022 .
NuStar – Studying the Universe in X-Ray
Von Kármán Lecture .
The von Kármán Lecture Series: 2022
Lecture Series .
May 2022 – NuStar – Studying the Universe in X-Ray
Universe Newsletter
Slice of History
Image .
Slice of History – 50th Anniversary of Apollo 16
Lecture Series .
January 2021 – Spacecraft Origami
Lecture Series .
February 2021 – Planetary Protection
Lecture Series .
March 2021 – Helicopters in Space
JPL is a federally funded research and development center managed for NASA by Caltech.


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