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Galaxy S22 Plus might give us a taste of what the iPhone 14 will look like – BGR

The first iPhone 14 renders came out even before Apple had a chance to unveil the iPhone 13 series. The images said the iPhone 14 phones will be the first to feature a notch-less display, with Apple moving to the hole-punch design that all Android flagship use. Other rumors said that only the iPhone 14 Pro versions will get the hole-punch displays and indicated that LG might already be working on such screens for Apple. But it turns out that we don’t have to wait almost a year to see whether the rumors are true. An insider says the Galaxy S22 Plus will look a lot like the iPhone 13 with a hole punch at the top instead of a notch. Or, put differently, the Galaxy S22 Plus could give us a taste of what the iPhone 14 might look like.

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The Galaxy S22 series will be unlike any Galaxy S model that Samsung made to date. That’s because Samsung will deploy two different designs for the Galaxy S22. The regular Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus should be identical, as expected from any Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will look more like the former Galaxy Note models. That’s because it’s the only handset of the three to feature a built-in S Pen stylus.

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We saw plenty of unofficial renders for the new Note replacement coming from the usual insiders. Then the real-life images dropped, seemingly proving the previous leaks. The S22 Ultra will have rounded sides, with edge displays, just like previous Galaxy S and Note models. The S Pen inclusion is likely responsible for that design. The stylus needs to be positioned as close to the edge as possible, and the bottom side of the phone needs to have flat corners.
The Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus will have flat screens, just like the iPhone and other flagships. It’s a Samsung leaker’s most recent comment that makes us realize that the Galaxy S22 Plus might deliver an unexpected iPhone 14 design preview.
The front of S22+ looks like an Apple iPhone 13 with a narrower bezel and Notch becomes a Hole😂
— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) November 9, 2021

Ice Universe said on Twitter that the Galaxy S22 Plus front looks like an iPhone 13 with a narrower bezel. The “notch becomes a hole,” the leaker said. Ice has been providing details about unreleased flagship handsets for years, with a focus on Samsung phones. If the S22 Plus looks like an iPhone 13 with a notch, then it means it’ll also look like an iPhone 14 with a hole-punch display.

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Apple keeps in place the same iPhone design for a few years before making dramatic changes. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are proof of that, as both handsets feature the same overall design. We’re looking at displays with narrow bezels, save for the notch at the top. The metal chassis has flat sides on both iPhone generations.
The iPhone 13 features a narrower notch, and all iPhone 13 models are slightly thicker to accommodate larger batteries.
With that in mind, it’s reasonable to assume the iPhone 14 will keep in place the main iPhone 13 design lines. But, again, rumors say that Apple will replace the notch with a hole punch display design. Apple will only ditch the notch, not the Face ID camera. Therefore, the Face ID components will be either placed under the screen. Or the display cutout will be larger, to fit more camera elements.
The Galaxy S22 Ultra leaks have been the most exciting ones, and that’s understandable. The Ultra won’t just be the best S22 version out there; it’ll also carry a built-in notch. But the S22 Plus design leaked a few weeks ago as well. @OnLeaks partnered with 91mobiles to release the first S22 Plus renders.

As seen above, the Galaxy S22 Plus looks a lot like an iPhone 13 with a hole-punch display, fitting Ice’s comparison. The S22 Plus doesn’t have flat sides like the iPhone 13. And again, we expect the iPhone 14 to feature flat sides. Apple uses the same design for the iPad and the new MacBook Pro. Samsung’s more rounded edges are reminiscent of the iPhone designs that preceded the iPhone 12 series.
Samsung should unveil the Galaxy S22 series in mid-February, according to recent reports. We’ll probably see more images of the three phones by then. Apple won’t launch the iPhone 14 series sooner than mid-September.
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