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Titan Smart Pro is priced at Rs 11,000 in India. But is it worth the price? We tell you. (Image Credit: News18/ Darab Mansoor Ali)
The smartwatch market in India is vast. There are players like Apple and Samsung that have proven track record in making gadgets and tech accessories, then there are other players like Garmin and Fossil that are seasoned watchmakers, putting their expertise in wearables. Like the latter, Titan has also come up with its Titan Smart Pro smartwatch that comes as a premium offering from the Indian watchmaker. The Titan Smart Pro was launched in India at a price of Rs 14,999, but is currently available for purchase under Rs 11,000.
The smartwatch comes with an AMOLED display and an aluminum case. The smartwatch is claimed to offer up to 14 days of battery life and comes with health features like heart rate tracking, SpO2 monitor, stress tracking, sleep tracking, and more. Now, I have used the Titan Smart Pro as my primary smartwatch for well over a month and I will tell you what I like about this smartwatch, what I don’t like, and if you should spend at least Rs 11,000 on the Titan Smart Pro.
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Now we got the pink colour of the Titan Smart Pro, which comes with a pink aluminium casing along with a pink silicone strap. The smartwatch has a round dial which is quite slim. The dial has a 2.5D curved AMOLED screen that curves slightly towards the edges to give it a seamless look. The smartwatch has two buttons on the right side – one is to go back, and one is for opening the menu. The smartwatch has a black plastic back panel with a slew of sensors. The materials used on the smartwatch are also good quality and it looks like it is built to last.
All in all, it has a good design and the smartwatch looks really good on your wrist. I have a very skinny wrist and it still fit me pretty well. The slim profile and the slight curve on the edges gives it a premium look and feel, and the Titan Smart Pro gives the OnePlus Watch a run for its money in terms of design. They look similar, but the Titan Smart Pro is more slim at just a 12.00 mm thickness – it does not feel as chunky on the wrist as the OnePlus Watch.
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The display on the Titan Smart Pro is a 1.19-inch circular AMOLED display with a 390×390 resolution. The screen has 2.5D curved glass and Gorilla Glass 3 on the front to protect the screen. The display quality is pretty great and the image quality is super crisp and sharp. The colours on the display are also accurate. The display felt very premium throughout my usage and when tested alongside other products in the similar range, it fared surprisingly well.
The display on this smartwatch is very good and it was bright enough to be used under a very bright sun as well. However, dark colours like grey or royal blue are hard to see under a bright sun sometimes. All in all, it is a very good display that impressed me a lot.
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Coming to features, there are a bunch of features on the Titan Smart Pro. The smartwatch comes loaded with features like heart rate tracking, SpO2 monitor, body temperature monitor, sleep tracker, stress tracking, several workout modes, step tracking, calorie counter, and more. The sensors on the smartwatch are accurate, and while the steps counted by the smartwatch may look a lot at first, it is very accurate once you follow it closely during longer usage. The heart rate tracking and SpO2 monitor are also pretty accurate. I compared the readings with a pulse oximeter and the readings were similar each time. The smartwatch, on its back panel has quite a few sensors alongside the optical heart rate monitor. I compared the back panel with that of the OnePlus Watch since it is priced similarly, and to my surprise, the Titan Smart Pro had a lot more physical sensors present on the back, which help the watch achieve accurate readings and offer added features like body temperature.
The sleep tracking, however, was not accurate all the time. At times, even after a long sleep, the smartwatch only registers a couple of hours of sleep. The feature, however, has been built thoroughly despite its shortcomings as it segregates sleep in categories like “Deep Sleep,” “Light Sleep,” “REM,” and “Awake.” The watch also tells you what time you went to bed and what time you woke up.
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Even the body temperature feature works well and the readings are similar to infrared thermometers that are used in public places these days. This feature is very helpful to get a rough idea if you have fever and consult the doctor accordingly. It also tracks stress via heart rate, but that was the least-used health feature during my usage. Here, the Titan Smart Pro shows you your current reading, and a timeline showing how stressed you may be during the day.
The Titan Smart Pro also comes with other features like several workout and sports modes, compass, a barometric altimeter that tells you the height above sea level, and other convenience features like switches for music and camera, and more. You can also set your own wallpaper for the Titan Smart Pro smartwatch by picking any image from your phone’s gallery.
What I didn’t like about this smartwatch is that you have to allow all permission access in order for all features to work. Initially, I had given permissions according to my personal choice. However, after days of struggling to figure out notifications and call alerts, I found out that I have not allows the Titan app to run in the background and have not given the app all permissions like access to contacts, call logs, notifications, and more. While it is necessary to give permissions in order to be able to use the features, giving a third-party app like Titan’s isn’t something that all users will do willingly. This is why I believe that the Titan Smart Pro would have been a perfect smartwatch if it ran on Google’s WearOS.
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In terms of battery, Titan claims up to 14 days of battery life. Now that claim seems tall, until you use this smartwatch. Without the always on display feature and notifications, the Titan Smart Pro did not die before 14 days. In fact, many a times the smartwatch outlasted its 14-day battery backup claim, which is wonderful. However, the moment you turn on the always-on display, the battery life reduces substantially and the watch barely lasted 4 or 5 days. The charging is also pretty quick and the smartwatch charges itself for a few days use within minutes.
The Titan Smart Pro is a great smartwatch. It looks good, has a beautiful display, and a plethora of features and sensors that you only see on more premium devices like Garmin smartwatches or Apple Watch. It also has decent battery life and super quick charging, and is very comfortable and easy to wear. Yes, it sounds like the perfect smartwatch, but it is not. Firstly, the setup process is a little confusing as a user will naturally connect the watch to their smartphone’s Bluetooth, but you don’t have to do that. Further, getting notifications and call alerts on this smartwatch will take a while to wrap your head around if you are careful with what permissions you give to what apps. The Titan Smart Pro app on Android asks for way too many permissions in order to keep running and showing you notifications and call alerts. Further, the app also requires you to keep running it in the background and that is something that will affect your smartphone’s battery and give the app constant access to your data. But if you go past that or don’t care much for what permissions you’re giving, the Titan Smart Pro is a very good smartwatch for Android users.
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