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Revenue Coin listing on PancakeSwap – CoinGape

The time has come.This Monday 13th at 7PM GMT, Revenue Coin (RVC) tokens will begin trading on PancakeSwap.
RVC tokens will soon be listed on the first decentralized exchange – PancakeSwap. This means that RVC holders can trade, swap, or liquidate their tokens for other crypto assets there.
This is the first time ever PancakeSwap is going to trade revenue tokens. It will likely start a trend of other tokens, having revenue as an underlying asset class, being listed there. The current RVC investors are in the unique position of co-creating this trend and taking advantage of being already invested before the hype starts!
The current community of RVC investors is already more than 10k. When adding to this the community of followers spread across all social media channels of Revenue Coin, it grows to 50k followers. This large number has been achieved even before the listing, which normally provides a huge boost for the community-building efforts.
Our first investors should also remember the Subscription RVC (SRVC) token, which for long has been serving as one of the alternative ways of purchasing RVC tokens. Before public sales, we offered to our investors an opportunity to buy SRVC tokens, listed already on PancakeSwap and representing the right to exchange them to RVC in 1:1 ratio, with no vesting, as soon as RVC will be generated and listed. In the meantime, our investors could already speculate against SRVC in anticipation of the RVC listing. And guess what?! SRVC, which was originally listed at $0,008 per token on 6th September, is now worth $0,082. It is 10x its original price! This can be considered as a good indicator of what our community thinks about the near future price trend of RVC.
To protect our investors against price volatility, RVC tokens will be released gradually, according to the vesting plan: 20% of tokens are released after our Token Generation Event, and 2% of tokens are vested every subsequent week until all tokens have been released.
It is important to know that RVCs held by the team and large institutional investors are blocked temporarily to protect against sudden price falls.
PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange that runs on Binance smart chain.It was built on an automated market maker (AMM) system, a system that completely depends on user-fuelled liquidity in order to allow crypto trades to take place. It facilitates the users to exchange or swap Revenue Coin (RVC) tokens directly, without any intermediary.
PancakeSwap also offers RVC investors an option to become liquidity providers. They need to deposit the invested tokens into liquidity pools in exchange for the liquidity provider (LP) tokens. They can later be used to reclaim the tokens that were deposited in any of the liquidity pools, along with a share of underlying PancakeSwap fees.
RVC Contract address:0xbcbdecf8e76a5c32dba69de16985882ace1678c6
Staking & Farming: https://panel.revenuecoin.io/
For the latest updates and information:
Official site: https://revenuecoin.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/revenuecoinENG
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RevenueCoin
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