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Sid Discusses S8UL Esports’ Plans For Valorant Mobile – AFK Gaming

S8UL Esports’ Manager Siddhant “Sid” Joshi recently discussed S8UL Esports’ plans for entering into the esports scene of Riot Games’ upcoming Valorant Mobile. Sid thinks that S8UL Esports’ co-owners, Animesh “Thug” Agarwal and Lokesh “Goldy” Jain will be interested in fielding a roster in the game. However, Sid showed a little uncertainty and explained that multiple factors might affect their decision, like the game’s launch, its esports circuit, and more.
In a recent livestream, a viewer asked Sid whether S8UL Esports has planned to enter Valorant Mobile esports. Responding to this, Sid stated, “I think Thug Bhai and Goldy bhai will definitely be very interested in getting into Valorant Mobile, first of all, because it is a mobile game, and S8UL Esports is predominantly a mobile esports organization. So they definitely, I think, will be interested,” he said.

Sid stated that the decision would depend on various factors, like how the game is launched and its esports circuit. “For Thug Bhai, Goldy Bhai, and me, we don’t enter esports just because we want to participate. It has to be a business decision,” he added. 
Sid explained that if a business is not making any profit, it should not make any huge losses, at least. “It’s okay not to make a profit sometimes. It’s okay not to make a revenue, but the burn rate should be a very minimum amount. If not profits, at least there should not be any major losses. This is what I have always believed in since Entity Gaming days,” he said. 

He explained, “If we are investing one lakh rupees, it’s not like we have to earn two lakh rupees; a profit of one lakh. However, if we are investing one lakh rupees, it shouldn’t be the case that we are not earning anything. That’s just not how a good business works.”

Despite the need for a business decision, Sid is confident that Thug and Goldy will be interested in getting into Valorant Mobile. He cited Riot Games’ history of fostering esports titles and S8UL Esports’ close connections with Riot Games as reasons for this interest.
Since Valorant’s release, it has attracted a large number of casual and competitive players, and Riot Games is aiming to replicate this success on mobile devices with Valorant Mobile. While there is currently no official release date, mobile gaming enthusiasts and mobile esports-focused organizations are eagerly awaiting its launch.