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Amp up your smart home's audio with $35 off Amazon's 4th Gen … – Android Police

The Alexa-powered smart speaker that turns up the sound
The latest model of the Amazon Echo comes with upgrades that take your listening experience to the next level. Featuring improved sound quality and hardware, the Echo 4th Gen speaker works well as both an all-in-one smart home hub and an audio device, offering a great value at the reduced price. For $65, it’s a great buy for those in need of a good smart speaker.
There are plenty of smart speakers that make you feel like you've stepped into the future, but Amazon's latest Echo 4th Gen is one of the few that actually looks and sounds like it's from there. Amazon's next generation Echo takes what these mostly pocket-sized speakers do best, and gives them a total makeover in both design and audio hardware. The normal $100 price tag may not be worth it for these upgrades alone, but at a discounted price of $65, it becomes a great value for those looking to get a solid smart speaker.
Of course, the latest model features Amazon's virtual voice assistant Alexa, but the next generation Echo offers better sound quality thanks to its new design and hardware. Featuring a 3-inch subwoofer and two front-firing 0.8-inch tweeters, playback is much louder and clearer thanks to the support of Dolby audio technology. So whether Alexa is telling you the latest news or you're playing your favorite music, the listening experience is a marked improvement over the previous Echo 3rd Gen smart speaker.
The upgraded audio hardware makes it one of the better Alexa-powered speakers for those who want to use it often for music playback, but it won't be blowing away any Bose or JBL Bluetooth speakers in terms of audio detail. That said, these enhancements to the sound quality, along with what this Alexa-powered speaker is capable of, deliver a smart hub setup that functions extremely well with the proper devices connected.
If you've got any smart devices in your home that use Zigbee, then the Echo 4th Gen is the smart speaker you'll want to go with as a smart home hub. There are tons of Alexa-compatible smart home devices on the market now that run on Zigbee, from power strips to wireless cameras and even video doorbells, and the Echo 4th Gen works with all of them to let you tailor your smart home experience just how you like it.
Without the discount the Echo 4th Gen may be not be the number one choice to go with, seeing as the functionality of Alexa itself doesn't quite change between Amazon's smart devices. However, with the $35 discount this deal offers, the Echo 4th Gen becomes a solid smart device that works well as both a smart hub and as a speaker to play your favorite music.
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