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What is Valorant’s total size after Episode 3 Act 3 update? – Sportskeeda

Almost every live-service multiplayer game, including Valorant, exhibits a certain trend in the increase of installation size. That’s because a lot of content keeps getting added to multiplayer games over time to keep them fresh.
In a world of Call of Duty games taking up over 100 gigabytes of storage, Valorant does seem to be less storage-hungry than other modern-day shooter games.
Valorant’s latest upgrade from Episode 3 Act 2 to Act 3 added 600 megabytes to the game’s total size, which now stands at 19.6 gigabytes.
For players thinking about downloading the game from scratch, they need to first download the Riot Games Client, which takes up roughly 179 megabytes after installation. This is the main hub for Valorant and it is necessary for starting the game.
Most games, once installed, usually get larger than what the initial download size was. The reason behind it is the decompression that goes on in the background while installing the game.
So, after installing the Riot Games Client, the main game download begins, retrieving all of the necessary files for playing Valorant smoothly, as well as Riot Games’ home-brewed anti-cheat known as Vanguard.
Valorant’s initial download size is typically around eight gigabytes, and the remainder of the installation process begins from there. Following the installation, the game takes up roughly 19.6 gigabytes of space after Episode 3 Act 3.
In the past, Valorant used to take up hard drive space of around 19 gigabytes with Episode 3 Act 2. However, with the arrival of the latest update, an increase of 600 megabytes has been seen. Players can expect the download size to increase with further updates, as more content and features are incorporated into the game.
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