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If you ever wanted a way to share your Netflix account without sharing your password, this new Chrome extension is just for you. From the creators of the world’s first robot lawyer app comes DoNotPay, a Google Chrome extension that lets you share your Netflix account with friends, without revealing your password.
But DoNotPay isn’t just limited to Netflix. Other paid subscriptions, such as Disney+ or Amazon Prime can easily be shared too. Simply install the extension, head to your desired website, then log into your account. The DoNotPay extension icon should be visible on the top of your browser. From there, you can generate a shareable link that you can send to the people you want to share your account with. There’s even an exchange feature where you can request access to someone else’s account in exchange for access to yours. Users have to verify their identity before they are able to access your account and you can revoke access to any account at any time.
How to share Netflix and Disney+ accounts with friends - without giving out your password 2
Clicking the link will allow the user to use your already logged on account without seeing your password. VentureBeat says DoNotPay is able to do this by transferring cookies that store login information instead of sending your actual password. The process is secure and uses encryption when being transferred so you don’t have to worry about your password being hacked.
DoNotPay doesn’t limit how many people you can share the generated link with. You may, however, be limited by your own subscription and the number of allowed simultaneous streams.

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