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How to upgrade the storage on the Surface Pro 9 – XDA Developers

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can upgrade the storage on the Surface Pro 9 in a few simple steps, granted you’ve done backups.
One of the cool things about the Surface Pro 9 is that Microsoft makes it easy to upgrade the storage. You won't need many tools, and the process is relatively simple when you consider it versus other laptops. Of course, you will need to be careful about doing so, and you'll need to back up all your files and create a recovery drive to reinstall Windows first.
Do note that Microsoft recommends that storage on the Surface Pro 9 be upgraded only through authorized technicians. You shouldn't really be doing this yourself, but if you want to, you can. Just be sure to keep the original solid-state drive (SSD) that came with the Surface Pro 9 so you can replace it in case of warranty issues. All that said, we're here to help you with this guide.
The process of replacing the storage in the Surface Pro 9 is about the same as last year's Surface Pro 8. You'll need a few things before you begin. We've listed this for you below.
M.2 2230 SSD- This is a smaller SSD type. Do not purchase an M2. 2280 SSD as this won't work with the Surface Pro 9, as it's quite longer and bigger and won't fit in the Pro 9. We have a suggested SSD for you to purchase below.
Torx T3 Screwdriver – This is a screwdriver that will let you remove the drive from the Surface Pro 9. You can buy a set on Amazon with the link below.
USB Drive with 16GB capacity– Before you remove the original SSD from your Surface Pro 9, you'll have to create a recovery drive and download the recovery media so you can reinstall Windows. This USB drive will you do this. Make sure it's formatted in FAT32 format.
SIM Ejection Tool- This tool will let you open the door under the kickstand on the Surface Pro 9 5G model to access the SSD for removal.

Before even removing the SSD from your Surface Pro 9, you should create a recovery drive. You also should back up your files on your Surface Pro 9 to the cloud, or another external location other than the recovery and USB drive you're about to create. Creating the recovery drive will let you boot up your Surface Pro 9 after you put in the new SSD and reinstall Windows. Here's how.
We suggest keeping the original SSD from your Surface Pro 9 as is and not erasing or resetting your Surface. This is so that you have a working Windows Installation in case something goes wrong.
Now that you've done a backup and have installation media, you can actually replace the SSD on the Surface Pro 9 itself. Doing this takes a bit of patience and will require you to go hands-on with tools. It's simple though, and we have you covered. Follow along below.
With your new SSD inside your Surface Pro 9, you can begin the process of using it by reinstalling Windows 11. This will require you to press a combination of different buttons. Here's what you'll need to do.
Once you follow all these steps, you can restore your files and apps when Windows 11 boots back up. As you can see, your new Surface Pro 9 will now be ready, with improved storage. If you don't already own a Surface Pro 9, check it out with the link below. With replaceable storage, it has what it takes to be one of the best Windows tablets of 2022 Intel or Qualcomm processors, and it comes in multiple colors for the first time ever.
The Surface Pro 9 is a top-tier Windows tablet with Intel or Qualcomm processors, and it comes in multiple colors for the first time ever.
The Surface Pro 9 with 5G is powered by the new Microsoft SQ3 chipset, and it has a 120Hz display.

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