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Latest iPhone 15 Leak Reveals Bigger Than Expected Price Increase – Forbes

iPhone 15 Pro Max renders based on multiple leaks
There has been significant speculation about the pricing of Apple’s new iPhone 15 range. Now multiple sources have revealed that price increases are coming — and it is the iPhone 15 Pro models which are being hit hard.
The leaks began earlier this week, with Bloomberg reporting that “Apple is considering raising the price for Pro models.” Figures were then added by Barclays analyst Tim Long in a research note seen by MacRumors, which stated that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will increase by $100 and $200, respectively. The latter is a shock, coming in at double most expectations.
As a result, the iPhone 15 range will be priced like this:

Apple’s strategy here is clear. Sales of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus have underwhelmed, with users able to spread the cost of price differences to Pro models over the length of mobile contracts. This particularly hit sales of the iPhone 14 Plus, where the extra $100 for a $999 iPhone 14 Pro almost disappeared over a two-year period.
Not anymore. The increases will see Apple charge $300 to upgrade from an iPhone 15 to an iPhone 15 Pro and $400 to upgrade from an iPhone 15 Plus to an iPhone 15 Pro Max. Even spread over the length of a mobile contract, the difference will be noticeable. And given Apple has historically maintained similar profit margins across all models, a more even spread of sales will work better for its supply chain.
Smartphone periscope cameras use a mirror so the lenses can be mounted sideways to reduce the size … [+] of the camera hump
So why is the iPhone 15 Pro Max getting a $200 increase? The key difference is its exclusive new periscope zoom camera. The module, which is expected to double the 3x optical zoom of the iPhone 14 Pro Max to 6x, is more expensive to produce. Both Pro models will also move from stainless steel to titanium chassis, which are lighter and more durable, but cost significantly more.
Meanwhile. the relative price reprieve for the iPhone 15 Pro is unlikely to last. Early leaks claim Apple will increase the size of the iPhone 16 Pro in 2024 specifically to accommodate the periscope camera module. Depending on your interest in this feature, it alone may guide a few upgrade decisions.
What may also influence you is Apple’s spread of updates this year. The iPhone 15 range will see the standard models adopt the Dynamic Island design, A16 chipset and 48-megapixel primary camera of the iPhone 14 Pros but little else. In contrast, the iPhone 15 Pros will get a record-breaking thin bezel design, next-gen 3nm A17 chipset, upgraded UWB and a (highly programmable) solid-state Action button. All iPhone 15 models will also move from Lightning to USB-C.
Will sales of standard iPhone 15 models skyrocket based on the new iPhone 15 Pro prices, or has Apple crossed a dangerous price threshold? Only time will tell…
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