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Xbox Game Pass Adds New Game Today – GameRant

Xbox Game Pass adds its final game of the week, rounding out three releases with strong reviews and unique content.
Xbox Game Pass has added three games over the past week, with today's final addition being Airborne Kingdom. Those looking for a beloved, intensive simulation experience need look no further, as it is a city-building and management game with a unique twist. The city is mobile and players can explore the world, aid others, and continue building up their floating city in the sky.
All in all, it has been a pretty strong week with Xbox Game Pass. With the exception of Monday and Friday, every day thus far has seen a new addition. Xbox Game Pass added Broforce Forever on Tuesday, a fun side-scrolling action game where players are over-the-top action heroes. It added Limbo on Wednesday, which many hail as one of the greatest games of all time and an example of video games as an art form. And Airborne Kingdom is not a slacker when it comes to reviews either, with a "Strong" rating on aggregate site Opencritic.
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In Airborne Kingdom, players build their city in the sky and can explore the greater landscape, aiding people below, uncovering lost secrets, and completing certain quests. Every aspect of the city is as deep as anyone would expect from a city-building management game, but with the added complexities of exploring the world while maintaining propulsion, mass, and other things to remain airborne. For those who enjoy the game but want more or an even harder challenge, it does have a New Game Plus and a Hard Mode. Indeed, with a unique spin on the genre and strong reviews, Airborne Kingdom stands shoulder to shoulder with Limbo and Broforce Forever.
Of course, three games hardly appeal to the masses, and more Xbox Game Pass titles are no doubt in the pipeline. For example, Sea of Stars is confirmed for Xbox Game Pass on August 29, while Everspace 2 will arrive on August 15. The official "Wave 2" of releases has yet to be announced though, so fans should keep their ears to the ground for more info.
In the meantime, there are plenty of games to try on Xbox Game Pass. The very model of the service encourages players to step outside their typical wheelhouse and try something new, so even if these three games don't click, there are hundreds more that players can look into.
Xbox Game Pass subscribers get a handful of games every month.
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