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Upgrading to add Disney Plus and ESPN Plus when you already subscribe to Hulu is trickier than you might think.
Here’s how to sign up for the Disney Bundle if you already have a Hulu account.
The Disney Bundle offers access to all of the content on Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus for a $14 monthly fee. While each streaming service can be had individually — Hulu and ESPN Plus cost $7 a month, while Disney Plus is $8 — those who take advantage of the Bundle end up saving a not insignificant $8 a month when compared to the price of each individual service. 
Signing up for the Disney Bundle is a fairly straightforward process for those who do not already subscribe to any of the included services. All you have to do is go to disneyplus.com, enter your email, and hit “subscribe to the Disney Bundle”. You’ll fill out your payment information and then be able to easily activate each streaming channel.
But what happens if you already subscribe to one service and want to upgrade to the bundle? That’s where things get trickier. You’ll need to do some digging into your account and jump through a few hoops in order to set up your other services. Luckily, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process of signing up for the Disney Bundle when you already have a subscription to Hulu. Here’s how to do it: 
Sign in and navigate to your account.
Click on your name on the upper-right corner of the screen. When the menu pops up, scroll down and click on Account.
Click on “Manage Plan.”
In the account screen, you should see your upcoming charges and payment information on the left and your personal information and email on the right. Scrolling down the page will lead you to the Your Subscription boxon the left hand side of the screen. You will see your current Hulu plan and next to it will be the blue Manage Plan button. Click it. 
If you don’t have this option it could be because you signed up for a promotion such as the Spotify Hulu bundle, you won’t be able to upgrade to the Disney bundle on this account. 
To get the Disney Bundle, click the toggle on the Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus plan for $13.99.
Your current plan will be outlined in a green box, but there are a number of plans you can activate via a toggle switch. These include:
Click the toggle on for the Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus Plan. Nowclick Review Changes at the bottom of the screen. Make sure everything looks OK, andhit Submit.
Now click on “Activate Disney Plus and ESPN Plus.”
After hitting Submit, you’ll get a screen that proclaims, “You’re all set.” Next step is setting up logins for the other two services, so let’s do that next. To set up the rest of the Disney Bundle there are two methods:
Enter your email and hit “agree and continue.” 
Clicking the activation button will whisk you away to a Disney Bundle activation page. Enter your email address that you used for your Hulu account and hit Agree and Continue.
Use the same password as your Hulu account to save yourself a lot of hassle. 
The prompt asks you to create a new password for your account. Save yourself a huge headache and type in the same password you already use for your Hulu account. Otherwise, you’ll have two different sets of passwords — one for Hulu and one for the rest of the Disney Bundle. Press Submit.
Click on the small “Start streaming ESPN Plus” link.
You’ll now be sent to a page that says “Your Disney Plus account is good to go.” In between the text and the big “Start streaming Disney Plus” button is a small link that says “Start streaming ESPN Plus.” Click on it.
Log in to ESPN Plus with the same email and password you used for the Disney Plus and Hulu. 
You’ll now be taken to the ESPN Plus welcome page. Here it will tell you to log in with the same email and password you used when signing up for the Disney Bundle. This is the email and password you used for step 6. Click “Login and Stream” and enter your email and password.
Enter your name to update your account. 
A popup will ask you to update your ESPN Plus account with your first and last name. Fill in the information and hit “Update My Account.”
Finally, you will be taken back to the main ESPN Plus screen, but this time it will tell you that you’re already logged in. Click the yellow “Stream Now” button to start watching. 
You should be good to go.
Of course, not every person wants or needs all three streaming services, but it’ll be worth it to get the Bundle if you use any two of them. Ultimately you will save more money by ditching the Bundle if you find yourself watching only one of the channels.
We test and verify all of our tech tips ourselves. In this case, we set up a new Hulu account using an email address created specifically for this purpose. Once our Hulu account was up and running, we went through the steps to upgrade to the Disney Bundle while taking notes of the process along the way.
In this instance, we ran into trouble while initially attempting to log into ESPN Plus. Multiple members of our team repeated the testing process and found a similar issue. We reached out to Disney, who acknowledged the issue and claimed to have fixed it. We’ve retested it once more and can confirm that it currently works properly. That said, if you run into any issues with the signup process, it’s worth a call to customer service. They were incredibly responsive and were eventually able to fix all the issues we encountered.
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