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By Charles Pulliam-Moore, a reporter focusing on film, TV, and pop culture. Before The Verge, he wrote about comic books, labor, race, and more at io9 and Gizmodo for almost five years.
It’s been a few weeks since Apple officially announced its upcoming comedy series Shrinking from Brett Goldstein, Jason Segel, and Ted Lasso co-creator Bill Lawrence, but it turns out that the premiere date is right around the corner.
Shrinking tells the story of Jimmy (Segel), a therapist whose own ongoing experience with grief prompts him to start engaging with all of his patients a bit differently than they’re accustomed to. While Jimmy’s still committed to helping his patients deal with a wide range of issues, he’s less interested in being sensitive about how he deals with people or sugarcoating the advice he gives them. When Jimmy starts to tell everyone exactly what’s on his mind, his personal life begins to change in unexpected ways, and it starts to become clear to everyone around him that a little honesty goes a long way toward shaking things up.
While Shrinking’s new teaser trailer doesn’t say all that much about what the show will be like, Apple did announce today that Harrison Ford is slated to join the cast alongside Jessica Williams, Christa Miller, Lukita Maxwell, and Michael Urie.
Shrinking is set to hit Apple TV Plus on January 27th.
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