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What's the size of Valorant in 2022? – Sportskeeda

Valorant has risen to become one of the most-played competitive shooters ever since the game made its debut back in June 2020. Currently, the game holds a total of 13 million players on average each month with that number increasing on a daily basis.
One of Valorant’s most unique features is its MOBA-like agent abilities in a traditional competitive FPS game. With each update, Valorant always brings something new that changes the game overall, whether it be a new agent or a new map. However, those new additions also come with a cost, and this cost is obviously disk space.
Even though Valorant is a relatively new game, it doesn’t take much space, unlike most new generation games. This article will provide all the necessary information on Valorant’s current size for readers interested in playing Valorant in 2022.
The size of Valorant, after the 3.12 patch that came out with Episode 3 Act 3, is approximately 20.3 gigabytes.
One of the key takeaways from this is that Valorant’s size is increasing by one gigabyte for every major update. For instance, Valorant’s Episode 3 Act 2 approximately took 19 gigabytes, which is now around 20 gigabytes.
It is natural to expect a proportionate increase with updates involving newer acts. Now that Valorant’s next big update will be arriving soon with a new agent, a certain amount of increase in the game’s size is also inevitable.
Currently, the amount by which the game’s total size will increase is unknown, but it is anticipated that this upsurge should be in the range of one to two gigabytes, just like the previous update. This is because the data for a new agent takes up around one gigabyte of storage space for proper functioning, ignoring any other changes made as part of an update.
So until the new update arrives, only speculation can be made regarding the future size of Valorant.
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