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In a recent article bemoaning Netflix’s most recent rate hike, I was musing about how the streaming giant had become a utility for many of us–you know, something you just pay for automatically, like your electricity bill. But after another night of aimlessly browsing through Netflix’s wares only to give up and look elsewhere, it dawned on me: I could take a Netflix break. A real one.
Taking time off from other streaming services isn’t a big deal in our household, and as it happens, we only sign up for certain streamers in short bursts. ESPN+, for example, is on our list right now because of Australian Open tennis, and we’re keeping Amazon Prime Video warm for the return of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
On the other hand, we just canceled Apple TV+ because, well, our favorite shows just wrapped their seasons. (Am I the only one who liked Foundation?) We nixed Paramount+ some time ago (goodbye, Younger) as well as Peacock (which you can watch for free with ads anyway), and since Insecure just ended (sniff), we’re over-and-out with HBO Max. Once new seasons or an enticing new show arrives, though… sure, we’ll sign back up, if only temporarily.
What makes Netflix any different? Good question. One could argue that if you’re going to have one go-to streaming service, Netflix should be it, but I keep flicking through all the rows and rows of shows and movies, and they’re always the same ones that I either a) have already seen or b) have no interest in watching. Of course, I’m sure there’s something really good on Netflix that I could watch, but for now, I have a serious case of Netflix fatigue.
So, repeat after me: You can take a break from Netflix. It’s OK. And just because you leave doesn’t mean you can’t go back. (As someone who’s subscribed to Netflix continuously for 20 years, I’m mainly talking to myself here.)
Netflix doesn’t offer an option for putting your membership on pause (or at least not for streaming plans). Instead, you’ll need to cancel your subscription outright. 
But here’s the thing: Netflix will keep your membership details, including your profiles, watch list, video ratings, and recommendations, for up to 10 months after you cancel. Provided you restart your subscription before those 10 months are up, you’re effectively putting your membership on hold.
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