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Dream teases himself and GeorgeNotFound appearing in a new MrBeast video, fans go wild – Sportskeeda

Minecraft YouTuber Clay “Dream” took to his alternate Twitter account to tease a picture of fellow Minecrafter George “GeorgeNotFound” and Chandler Hallow on their way to Antarctica to film a video with none other than YouTube star Jimmy Donaldson “MrBeast.”
MrBeast is no stranger to taking the extra step to make his content and his latest venture appears to be towards the South Pole. Since the continent is located in the Southern Hemisphere, average temperatures in Antarctica are higher in December. However, it could still drop to an average of -27°C during day time, and -38°C at night.
Despite not sharing any of the finer details of their journey, Dream’s tweet has received a lot of reactions.
Dream, the biggest Minecraft YouTuber, and MrBeast, the biggest individual creator, are set to collaborate to film a video together in the most remote location of all – the Antarctic Circle.
As stated earlier, MrBeast is no slouch when it comes to taking bold leaps. A video from the South Pole is something that has been accomplished by only a few mainstream YouTubers. Jimmy, along with Clay and his friends, are set to add their names to that coveted list.
Dream, in his caption, also mentioned that he cannot share any of the details to avoid spoiling MrBeast’s video. Their trip was first teased by MrBeast himself when he posted:
Due to his trip, the creator was also unable to collect his Streamy Award for being the Creator of the Year. After winning, Jimmy stated:
Clay also posted a tweet suggesting that he was with MrBeast when he tweeted:
Fans were naturally left in a state of frenzy upon seeing Clay’s latest tweet confirming his collaboration with MrBeast. Seeing the suggestive nature of the caption, users said these:
An in-person collaboration between Clay and MrBeast was long due. Upon finally revealing his face, Clay received a multitude of offers to work with creators. MrBeast was among the first to raise their hands. He had commented:
This is not the only big personality to have been featured in MrBeast’s videos. The likes of Logan Paul, KSI, and IShowSpeed have all previously made appearances in his content.
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