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Valorant to introduce Shimmer, Spitfire, Task Force 809 collections and more in Episode 5 Dimension Battlepass – Sportskeeda

Episode 5 Act 1 of Valorant, titled Dimension, is scheduled to arrive in the coming days. The upcoming Act will bring forth a new map, a Battlepass, and a brand new skinline, along with other exciting changes.
Battlepass in Valorant is a much-awaited component of the game, as it allows players to get their hands on a plethora of in-game cosmetics for a minimal cost. For the upcoming rendition of the Battlepass, one will have access to three new skin lines, namely – Shimmer, Spitfire, and Task Force 809.
Patch 5.0, which will introduce the new Act and its contents, is expected to be released on June 22 at 3.00 PM PDT/ 3.30 AM IST. Soon after the update is complete, players will have the option to purchase the Battlepass in-game for 1000 Valorant Points (VP).
Similar to previous Acts, the Episode 5 Act 1 Battlepass will feature three new skin collections, along with a variety of gun buddies, player cards, titles and sprays.
In the previous Act of Valorant, Riot Games introduced the .SYS, Coalition Cobra and Hue Shift collections. The game’s developers have followed up with a few more interesting designs as the Shimmer, Spitfire and Task Force 809 collections have been revealed for the game’s audience.
Players will have to spend 1000 VP to purchase the Battlepass and finish 55 Tiers of missions in order to complete the event and reap the rewards. Upon completing each Tier of the Battlepass, players will receive a single item, in addition to several free rewards. Those who did not purchase the Battlepass will have access to limited items from the event upon completing the Battlepass.
The first skin collection to be showcased in the Episode 5 Act 1 Battlepass is the Shimmer collection. The bundle features skins for Bulldog, Classic, Judge and Stinger.
Skins from the Shimmer collection have a glistening appearance, with multiple shades combining to form the body of the skin. In each of its variants, the top of the weapon is colored differently from the body, giving it a stunning look.
The Shimmer skinline will have three upgradeable variants that players can choose from. While the base variant has a shade of purple, the additional variants come in brown/gold, red/white and a shade of turqoise.
Valorant followed up on their Spitfire skin design with the release of a new collection. Prior to this, Phoenix’s Agent Contract Frenzy was the only weapon from this collection. The Spitfire collection from the upcoming Battlepass will feature skins for Ares, Ghost, Guardian and Operator.
The Spitfire skinline, as its name states, uses fire as its core theme. Each weapon from this collection has a fiery appearance, with a design that can compete with several of the Deluxe or Premium edition tier skins in the game.
Skins from the Spitfire collection will not have any upgradeable VFX, audio or finisher, and will only be available in a single colorway.
The Task Force 809 collection is one of the most anticipated skin collections from the Episode 5 Act 1 Battlepass, as it contains a unique melee weapon that Valorant players are excited about. This collection will include weapons for Frenzy, Marshal, Phantom, Spectre and Melee (Knife).
Skins from the Task Force 809 collection have a simplistic look with a touch of technological finesse. Similar to Spitfire, weapons from the collection will not include upgradeable VFX, audio or finisher, and will not contain additional colorways.
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