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If you’re worried about the crypto market is unpredictable in 2023, you’re not alone. Many investors are unsure about the near-term future of the crypto market. It’s certainly a tough time for investors, but there is a silver lining.
Namely, in this rough crypto winter, there are a handful of projects proving themselves to be filled with a good deal of potential in the new ideas they are bringing to the table. These projects and their tokens are the ones to keep an eye on, as they can buck the trend and perform well next year if and when the market picks up.
Here, we list the top 10 crypto projects for the future to explode in 2023. These projects are diverse in nature, focusing on a wide variety of use cases – though as you’ll notice, there are some very noticeable trends that they specialize in.
Top 10 crypto projects for the future to explode in 2023
1. The Sandbox – A popular metaverse with celebrity involvement
2. FightOut – A Move-to-Earn metaverse promoting a healthy lifestyle
3. IMPT – A decentralized carbon credits platform encouraging eco-friendly behavior
4. C+Charge – A unified payments system for EV charging system market
5. RobotEra – A highly social metaverse where players create their own experiences
6. Reserve Rights – A decentralized stablecoin ecosystem
7. Battle Infinity – A sports metaverse with a fantasy league
8. Calvaria – An accessible card battler with P2E mechanics and a metaverse
9. Chiliz – A fan token network for the sports industry
10. Dash2Trade – A all-in-one crypto asset management platform
A Closer Look at the Top 10 crypto projects for the future to explode in 2023
2023 will be an excellent year for the many altcoins that are quietly biding their time. These tokens can explode if a bull market arrives. Here’s our list of the top 10 such projects.
1. The Sandbox – A popular metaverse with celebrity clout
Project Summary:

  • Very well-known metaverse that has a headstart on rivals
  • Celebrities have been involved in the project, most famously Snoop Dogg
  • Has two tokens: SAND and LAND

There’s one common trend that runs through this list – the metaverse. This niche exploded onto the crypto market scene in 2023 and it’s not going to disappear in 2023. More capital and resources are being poured into the metaverse, and among the most popular projects in this space is The Sandbox.
The project is extremely popular and has the salient quality of being endorsed by celebrities. From Snoop Dogg to Tony Hawk, The Sandbox metaverse has seen some envious collaborations. The project is partly responsible for bringing the metaverse into the wider world, thanks to the attention-grabbing partnerships. Snoop Dogg even has his own “Snoopverse.”
The project itself is fairly straightforward in nature, but it offers a lot of possibilities to its users. The Sandbox lets users experience all sorts of interactions in a virtual world, allowing them to build and monetize experiences that are social and game-based in nature.
Players can create these experiences through three major features: The Sandbox marketplace, the Voxel Editor, and Game Maker. The Voxel Editor allows players to create unique character models and animations for them, while the Game Maker lets them make monetizable creations and experiences that can be used in the game. The marketplace allows players to trade in-game assets for the SAND token.
Speaking of which, The Sandbox has two tokens: SAND and LAND. The first is used to pay for transactions and interactions in the metaverse. LAND is used exclusively for virtual real estate, and takes the form of NFTs. Players will need LAND to display their creations and interactive experiences.
2. FightOut – A Move-to-Earn metaverse promoting a healthy lifestyle
Project summary:

  • A fitness-based metaverse that encourages healthy living and tracks physical activities
  • Physical activities tracked include strength and conditioning, yoga, and boxing
  • Users can take advantage of customized training programs
  • Just launched its presale

The second metaverse project on this list is one that looks like it could bring some very positive changes to the space. This is FightOut, a Move-to-Earn platform that gamifies the experience of staying physically active.
This is an idea that has been dabbled with before in the crypto space but only in a very primitive way. FightOut changes all of that with many refinements and new ideas that could make it the pioneer in the Move-to-Earn niche.
FightOut tracks several physical activities, including strength and conditioning, High-Intensity Interval Training, yoga, meditation, and boxing – not just steps. Players will see themselves represented in the metaverse through SoulBound NFTs, which are unique identifiers for people in digital spaces.
The avatars themselves will be linked to players’ real-world physical activity, changing according to their level of activity. They will be able to improve such stats as their health, technique, and muscular endurance.
Like other gamified fitness experiences, players can hit achievements, earn badges, and see their progress tracked. Users will also receive a customized workout plan and they can also follow fitness programs.
The project has already been endorsed by some well-known in the MMA fighting and fitness industries, including Amanda Ribas, Tremayne Dortch, Savannah Marshall, and Taila Santos.
The project’s token is FGHT and this has just begun its presale, meaning the tokens are available at the lowest price. FGHT is priced at $0.01665 and has already raised over $2.3 million. Entering now earns investors a 50% bonus with FGHT. The token will be used to pay for FightOut’s subscription service.
Following the presale, the project will focus on getting listed on centralized exchanges, acquiring its first FightOut gym, releasing its first NFT collection, and launching its staking feature, among other things.
Check Out the FightOut Presale
3. IMPT – A decentralized carbon credits platform encouraging eco-friendly behavior
Project summary:

  • Decentralized carbon credits platform that encourages eco-friendly behavior in individuals, brands, and businesses
  • The IMPT token is used to buy carbon credits which can be burnt
  • Burnt carbon credits result in NFTs that can be sold in the IMPT green NFT marketplace
  • Also features a shopping platform and a social platform

Besides the metaverse, there is one other major trend that looks like it could dominate the crypto market in 2023: projects working on altruistic use cases. Such projects have been on a noticeable rise in 2022, with some particularly promising ones recently completing their presales.
The most successful of these is IMPT, a decentralized carbon credits platform that is creating an ecosystem where both individuals and large companies can work to reduce their carbon footprint. The noble goal it is aspiring to achieve resulted in a highly successful presale, with the project raising $20.5 million.
IMPT’s design takes a multi-faceted approach to encourage eco-friendly behavior. The three stakeholders involved in the ecosystem are individuals, brands, and businesses. They can all reduce their carbon footprint by obtaining carbon credits on IMPT, which can be done by purchasing or earning the IMPT token.
IMPT tokens can be exchanged for carbon credits, with 1 carbon credit equal to 1 ton of carbon output. These carbon credits are burnt, which signifies that they have performed an eco-friendly action. When burnt, the burner receives an NFT which can be sold on IMPT’s green NFT marketplace or held for long-term value appreciation.
IMPT also has a shopping platform and a social platform which play a significant role in making brands and individuals work with each other. Brands can sell their products and services to individuals on the former platform, and users receive IMPT tokens for making purchases. This can then go towards purchasing carbon credits. Brands can allocate a portion of their sales margin towards offsetting their carbon footprint.
The social platform allows users to track scores that are linked to the environmentally friendly actions they take. They can compete with friends and family and accumulate points. Brands can also participate on this platform.
IMPT has already managed to rope in quite a large and impressive list of brands. This includes Amazon, Nike, Netflix, Samsung, Microsoft, River Island, Macy’s, Dominos, and Tripadvisor. The team plans to have 10,000 brands by launch time.
IMPT recently announced that it will be available on BitMart and just got listed on Changelly Pro, having already been listed on LBank. The team plans one exchange listing per month.
Visit IMPT
4. C+Charge – A unified payments system for the EV charging system market
Project summary:

  • C+Charge is building a unified payments system for the EV industry
  • Another eco-friendly project that is encouraging using EV vehicles
  • Users are rewarded with carbon credits for using EV charging stations
  • Features include a wallet, a mobile application, and a P2P payment system
  • Has a 1% tax carbon reflection program that is distributed to all token holders

Following up from the last one, another project that is working on an altruistic use case is C+Charge. This project is tackling the emerging Electric Vehicle (EV) market, and its features could go a long way in encouraging more people to obtain EVs or just behave in a more eco-friendly manner.
C+Charge plans to build a unified payment system for the EV charging station market. Through its ecosystem, people will be able to earn tokens for using charging stations. C+Charge is the only ESG-supported sustainable crypto project in the EV space.
C+Charge has several features that support its overall goal. This includes a mobile application that will be used in the P2P payment system for the EV industry. The mobile app displays how much users have earned, the pricing for charging stations, the locations of stations, and more. C+Charge has signed a strategic partnership with Flowcarbon. This allows on-chain carbon credits to be handed to users.
CCHG is the native token of the platform and is used to pay for EV charging. One important design choice is the fact that there is a 1% tax deduction on each transaction. This is used to purchase carbon credits, with the carbon credits distributed to all token holders in a proportional amount. This ensures that those without EVs also earn carbon credits. Users will also be able to create NFTs on the app.
CCHG is in the first stage of its presale. The token is priced at $0.013 and this is the lowest price you can get the token for. For those looking to invest in projects working on charitable causes, C+Charge is proving to be a good candidate.
Check Out the C+Charge Presale
5. RobotEra – A highly social metaverse where players create their own experiences
Project summary:

  • A sci-fi themed metaverse where players have the avatars of robots
  • Strong social focus with incentives to create interactive experiences
  • Players can create their own social experiences and robots through the RobotEra Editor
  • Players can host social events and charge entry via tickets
  • The TARO presale is currently going on

We return back to a metaverse project, this time one that is introducing some significant improvements to the experience of interacting in the metaverse. The project in question is RobotEra, a metaverse with a futuristic theme that is filled with user-created social experiences.
The players have avatars that are digital robots, hence the name RobotEra. Players will be able to attend events and places like concerts, nightclubs, salons, and museums. Most importantly, players will be able to create their own social experiences, buildings, and robot companions through the RobotEra Editor. This will require no programming experience, opening up the feature to everyone.
After building the social experience, players can also host the social event and charge entry with tickets priced in the platform’s native token, TARO. The robot companions and buildings can be sold on the marketplace. There is also the possibility of earning from land management fees and random mining events. Gameplay mechanics include exploration and battling, cultivating sacred trees, and advertising.
RobotEra is in the first stage of its presale with the TARO priced at $0.020. The minimum investment is $20 or 1,000 TARO. TARO can also be staked and used for voting in the DAO.
The alpha version of the platform will launch in the first half of 2023, followed by gameplay mechanics, including VR and AR features.
Check Out the RobotEra Presale
6. Reserve Rights – A decentralized stablecoin ecosystem

  • A decentralized stablecoin ecosystem aimed at eliminating volatility
  • Has two tokens, Reserve Dollar (RSV) and Reserve Rights (RSR)
  • Focused on maintaining 100% on-chain collateral backing

Now we move onto a project that’s quite different. Reserve Rights is a decentralized stablecoin ecosystem that has been around for a long time, but it has been making headlines in the last few months of 2019. It’s understandable why this is the case, given that stablecoins have formed much of the discussion in 2022.
In the midst of the collapse of TerraUSD, Reserve Rights has been building an ecosystem based on its stablecoin, but the ecosystem design has been centered on reducing volatility. This, the team believes, would help cryptocurrencies better become the stores of value and mediums of exchange they are often touted to be. It’s for this reason that Reserve Rights has billionaire Peter Thiel and Y Combinator President Sam Altman as investors.
The Reserve Protocol powers this decentralized stablecoin ecosystem and focuses on maintaining 100% on-chain collateral backing. The project has two tokens, the first being the Reserve Dollar (RSV) and the second being Reserve Rights (RSR). RSV is a stablecoin that maintains a 1:1 peg to the US Dollar and RSR is a token that helps keep the RSV token stable. Reserve Rights also has its own app and governance system.
As we head into 2023, the scrutiny on stablecoins will only increase. This could lead to some projects, like Reserve Rights, making a big splash next year.
7. Battle Infinity – A sports metaverse with a fantasy league
Project summary:

  • A fantasy sports NFT platform with a fantasy league, DEX, and metaverse
  • The sports metaverse will include both competitive and social experiences
  • The native token is IBAT and this can be staked

The sports industry will also have a deep connection with the metaverse, as the latter has so much potential to elevate the competitive and cooperative nature of sports. Battle Infinity is doing exactly this and is attempting to establish a comprehensive sports metaverse.
Among the features that Battle Infinity offers are The Battle Arena, Battle Swap, and the IBAT premier league. Collectively, this makes it the ultimate fantasy sports NFT gaming platform that it describes itself as.
Players will be able to compete with each other in the Battle Arena, where games, concerts, parties, and social events are held. Battle Swap is a DEX that is integrated with the ecosystem’s marketplace, game store, and arena. It makes it easy to exchange winnings.
The IBAT premier league is the most significant feature. It is a fantasy sports league where players create their own teams and battle with one another to earn the native token IBAT.
IBAT is a BEP-20 token used for rewarding players. It can be staked to receive rewards. They will also receive benefits for the activities they engage in if they stake IBAT.
Visit Battle Infinity Today
8. Calvaria – An accessible card battler with P2E mechanics and a metaverse
Project summary:

  • A P2E card battler with a strong focus on accessibility
  • No crypto needed to start playing
  • Features both a P2E and F2P mode
  • Presale is currently in the final stage with little time left to enter

We return to metaverse projects with Calvaria, which is a P2E card battler that also has an expansive metaverse with a deep storyline. If you like P2E games that blend story and function, then Calvaria is the one for you.
Most importantly, Calvaria is a very accessible game. Players don’t need to hold crypto or even have a crypto wallet to get started playing, and this is something the team was very keen on when designing it. There are both F2P and P2E modes, and the game is available on both desktop and mobile devices. It also has a story mode.
Players who do engage in the blockchain-based features will have the ability to buy NFTs of different characters, who belong to different factions that are vying for power. The artwork is particularly good. Those who play the F2P mode can still battle with others.
Other features of Calvaria include a scholarship system, mini-games, and an in-game store. Through these features, players will be able to earn the RIA token. RIA can also be staked.
The native token of the network is RIA, which is currently in the last stage of its presale. It’s quickly running out, so those interested will want to get in as quickly as possible. RIA can be purchased with USDT or ETH, and 1 USDT will get you 30.77 RIA.
Calvaria has announced that the RIA token will be listed on the LBank exchange, as well BKEX. It has also formed a partnership with market management platform Gotbit.
Check Out the Calvaria Presale
9. Chiliz – A fan token network for the sports industry
Project summary:

  • Very popular fan token project for sports and entertainment
  • The Socios platform is already collaborating with several major football clubs
  • Has potential as fan tokens make more progress in the sports industry

Chiliz describes itself as a sports fan engagement platform – and that is the best way to describe it. The project and its CHZ token offer major teams and franchises to better engage with fans, such as giving them access to unique memberships and merchandise.
It has had a lot of success in this regard, with the Socios platform being associated with major teams like FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, AS Roma, Galatasaray, and Atlético de Madrid, among others. The project made a big splash recently because of the FIFA World Cup. The wider world began to look at this project and its fan tokens as the use of blockchain technology in the sports industry became more recognized during this event.
That recognition could continue into 2023, as more sports teams hop onto Socios and the technology improves. With the likes of the metaverse also seeing enormous potential in the sports industry, Chiliz could benefit greatly if more groups get on board with decentralized technology in general.
10. Dash2Trade – A all-in-one crypto asset management platform
Project summary:

  • Offers a comprehensive investment management dashboard for market enthusiasts
  • Has a strategy builder tool that is useful for new investors
  • The presale is currently going on, with two weeks left to invest

The last project on our list is Dash2Trade, a crypto platform that has enormous value in the uncertain market that we live in. The project offers several useful trading features and investment tools for investors, making it a one-stop shop.
Features include crypto trading signals, predictions, and social analytics. The contracts have been fully audited by SolidProof and the team’s profiles have been verified via CoinSniper.
One of the more useful tools is the strategy builder tool, which helps users create the right strategy to invest in – especially useful during the time we live in. Another useful tool is the presale launch tracker which can help one monitor the most exciting presales that are arriving.
On the topic of presales, Dash2Trade is currently conducting its presale, with only two weeks left. It has already managed to raise $10.5 million. After the presale, the team will launch the dashboard and begin beta testing of the product. Once this is done, the team will focus on exchange listings of the D2T token on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. The first centralized exchange listing will take place on Jan 11, 2023.
Check Out Dash2Trade Presale
2023 Set to Be a Great Year for Altcoins
As you can see, there are many projects in the market that are filled with the potential to explode in 2023. The market always has its gems that could bring the next big revolution in the crypto market. This has happened in previous bear markets and will take place in future bear markets.
The 10 crypto projects for the future to explode in 2023 that we have listed above are among those that bear this potential. Investors who are hoping to capitalize on the next bull run should keep a close eye on these projects. Such investors will want to especially consider the projects that are currently undergoing their presales, as the tokens are being offered at cheap prices. However, others may also be good purchases if 2023 brings a turn in the market’s fortune.
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