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Microsoft is reportedly already planning to bring ads to Bing's AI chatbot – Engadget

Microsoft is reportedly in talks with advertising agencies on how to slot ads into the juiced-up Bing, particularly when it comes to the generative AI-powered chatbot. The company is already testing ads there, according to Reuters, including by slotting in traditional search ads.
The ad agency talks are still said to be in the early stages. Only a small number of users have access to the chatbot, and millions more are on the waitlist. As such, Microsoft may not feel like there's a rush to incorporate ads right away.
Microsoft reportedly anticipates that the chatbot's more conversational approach to delivering information will bring in more users and, in turn, advertisers. Ads in the chatbot might also be featured more prominently than conventional search ads. One place where you might see ads is in the links that the chatbot uses for citations in its responses. Microsoft told Reuters that it will work with partners and advertisers as it starts exploring the potential of the tech for ads.
It's not an enormous surprise that ads are likely on the way to Bing's chatbot and, presumably, Google's Bard. While they've already had some hiccups, generative AI chatbots have the potential to reshape how people find information. Given how important search revenue currently is (more than half of Alphabet's $282.8 billion revenue for 2022 came from search), the companies have little choice but to monetize the chatbots. The most obvious path is figuring out how to stuff ads inside them.
Developer Steve Moser found code hidden within Uber's iPhone app for an offering that's reportedly codenamed "Chore."
While the Eletre SUV was something of a first big departure for the company, the Emeya is a quick second-act. The Emeya is a four-door sedan with a swoopy, coupe-like profile, comfortably seating four and, Lotus says, offering somewhere around 300 miles of range from a 102kWh battery pack.
X, the social media company previously known as Twitter, is suing the state of California over a law that requires companies to disclose details about their content moderation practices.
X, the company formerly known as Twitter, may not be labeling its ads properly.
It was previously reported that an AI-generated track featuring the voices of Drake and The Weeknd would be considered for a Grammy. However, Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. is setting the record straight.
Online game platform and creation toolset Roblox will finally be available on PlayStation in October, as announced at the 2023 Roblox Developers Conference (RDC) earlier today. The title is coming to the PS5, of course, but also the PS4 for those who have yet to make the leap to next-gen. As always, it’ll be free to download.
Epic Games chief creative officer Donald Mustard is stepping down. The industry veteran, instrumental in guiding Fortnite to immense popularity, said he will retire at the end of September.
Patreon creators have a new option to interact with fans, as the subscription platform just rolled out a group chat feature. This community chat allows creators to interact with fans, but also lets subscribers talk to one another in a space outside of comments. Creators can have up to four chats going at once and there’s a toolset in place to allow certain restrictions as to who can participate.
Google has teased the Pixel Watch 2. The clip indicates that the wearable will be more durable than the first model thanks to IP68 dust- and water-resistance.
The FAA has closed its investigation int SpaceX's ill-fated April Starship launch, but that doesn't mean the company will be flying again any time soon.
This week's tech deals include a discount on Disney+ Basic, half-price Anker devices, discounted Xbox controllers and $300 off Samsung's new foldable.
The developer of Only Up!, a viral indie climbing game that blew up in popularity on Twitch streams, has delisted the title from Steam. After receiving accusations of using infringing assets and promoting NFTs, the game’s creator said they plan to “put the game behind” them due to stress.
Elon Musk says if he'd agreed to Ukraine's request for Starlink access during a planned drone attack on Russian ships, 'SpaceX would be explicitly complicit in a major act of war.'
In a cross-collaboration between researchers at the University of Colorado, MIT, and the NASA Ames Research Center, researchers studied how to prevent microbial build-up on surfaces on the ISS. The findings are critical because fungal growths can clog filters in water processing systems and make astronauts sick.
If you're looking for a new Android phone, check out our guide to the best handsets on the market from budget to flagship and everything in between.
Mega Bloks is releasing a 3:4 scale replica of the Xbox 360, complete with the console itself, a controller, and copy of ‘Halo 3.’ It has a removable hard drive, working lights, an interactive interior and a moving disc drive, among other easter eggs and treats. It officially releases in October.
Apple’s latest fall iPhone event — “Wonderlust” — is nearly here. Four new iPhones and a couple of Apple Watch models are expected to take center stage when the company showcases its latest products. USB-C should be in the spotlight as Apple changes its charging ports in response to new EU regulations.
Apple has released the first trailer for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters and while the title might not make it super clear, this is very much a show about Godzilla. The series stars real-life father and son Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell, who play the same character in different eras.
Here's a list of the best audio interfaces you can get right now, as chosen by Engadget editors.
The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is a powerful, well-designed and massive tablet. The 14.6-inch screen makes it awkward to use in your hands, but the S Pen is a great stylus, and using it with a keyboard in Dex mode makes it a powerful productivity tool.
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