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Furthermore, we are picking up the ten best free movie streaming apps apart from Netflix that you can install for perfect entertainment on your smartphones.

This Netflix alternative free is an ad-supported streaming service for your entertainment requirements. The free alternative to Netflix has high-rated movies and shows that you will enjoy on your free weekends, in-house parties, or just after a busy day.

On this one of the best free movie streaming apps, you can enjoy ad-supported movies without paying anything. However, if you want to own a movie and watch it anytime, this free movies app is also able to assist you with that.


If you are still wondering- where can I watch movies for free, then Crackle is your answer. One of the top free movie streaming apps has a huge library of premium content for various genres like horror, action, comedy, and more.

This another one of the best free apps like Netflix includes content that you can stream without even ads. To get on board with one of the top apps like Netflix but free, you do not need anything like a credit card.

The top free streaming movies app lets you borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and movies for free. There are more than 8,00,000 titles that you can choose from. There is no late fee either. However, the content you borrow is accessible for a specific time only.


Another top name in the list of best free Netflix alternatives, Vudu is a treasure of thousands of movies to rent, buy, or stream. However, you can also stream movies with ads for no payment at all. This feature makes it a perfect free movies app.

This one of the top free apps like Netflix has thousands of titles to stream for free. The app includes content that suits everyone’s tastes. You can either find your movies with genre or by the name of the actor. 

One of the top free movie streaming apps does not only offer free high-quality movies but also stream free live TV channels. So now, you can stream your favorite live channels without worrying about the payment or even a credit card.


The Netflix alternative free includes more than 20,000 titles to stream along with 160+ Live TV Channels. To unlock any of the content, you do not need any financial details. The app is entirely free to use.

The top free streaming movies app by NBC includes a huge range of titles that anyone can watch. The app has hundreds of movies including the biggest hits from many years. 
Well, these were all recommendations from us to you for perfect entertainment that too for free. Now, if you own a smartphone app as well and want to get your app reviewed, you can contact MobileAppDaily. A review of MobileAppDaily experts will help your app from a marketing perspective.

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