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The Netflix Top Ten Movies to Watch Right Now – PureWow

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There are countless streaming options available at our fingertips, but not everything lives up to our expectations. That’s why we often turn to the Netflix top ten movies list, which ranks titles based on who’s watching what. Not only does it include the most popular new releases (like Honeymoon with My Mother), but it also features a few family favorites (like Kung Fu Panda 2). The best part? The top movies on Netflix are updated on a daily basis, so there’s never a shortage of new options.
From 365: This Day to How It Ends, keep scrolling to find out what the streaming service recommends you watch right this second.
Rambo: Last Blood is the last installment in the film franchise.  This time, Rambo embarks on his final mission after the disappearance of his granddaughter.
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The sequel picks up right where the first installment left off, following Don Massimo and his relationship with Laura. Cue the wedding bells.
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Ray and his two kids fight for their survival when a strange electromagnetic event results in an alien invasion.
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Mickey Pearson is the proud owner of a highly profitable marijuana empire. When he tries to cash out, he’s faced with bribery, blackmail and schemes from people who want to take advantage of him.
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The action movie follows former lethal soldier John Rambo as he sets out to rescue a group of captive missionaries
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The documentary examines the life, career and death of Marilyn Monroe using archival footage and unseen interviews.
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In the family-friendly sequel, Po must dive into his past in order to defeat Shen, who’s determined to destroy kung fu.
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When three freedom fighters seek refuge in a bank, they soon find themselves in a high-stakes hostage situation.
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After José Luis is left at the altar, he embarks on the honeymoon with his mom, who refuses to let the trip go to waste.
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Set in a post-apocalyptic world, it follows a man who’s trying to reach his pregnant wife.
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