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There is a time in life when the phone storage Android Not giving more. Even if you expand the memory, your daily activity can make you not have more space for new apps. There are those who delete just enough to continue using the mobile phone, but there are a few other things you can do.
Before reading further, we do not recommend downloading third-party apps that promise to delete files easily. Android It has its own tools so that you can limit the use of the smartphone and adapt some practices so that you do not spend time deleting photos every week.
To clean the storage on your device Androidgo to session then in storage. There you will see the option free up space Learn about different types of files that you can clean up (such as junk files, old screenshots, large files, media from certain apps, downloaded files, and media backed up to your account). google drive.
For junk files, just click clean X (where X is the number of megabytes or gigabytes freed after cleaning). For all other file types, you need to click Choose files Then select the files you want to delete.
After selecting all the files, touch move X files to paper pin (where X is the number of files you’re deleting) and you’re done. See the rest of the options on the page Cleaning Tips Once done, you should have regained ample storage space on your device Android.
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