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Best movies Netflix: 64 great free streaming films for June 2020 – For The Win

With much of the country still advised to be under quarantine, you may be looking for ways to stay entertained during evenings. (Or, heck, days if your schedule will allow it.)
To help you, we’ve compiled 64 of our favorite movies that are currently streaming for free on Netflix.
Below is our new list for June 2020. We’ve got new ones this month at the top, and then the rest in no particular order (with documentaries saved for the end).
Some other lists on our site to check out:
Enjoy the movies!
clueless 1clueless 1

d02 help cover 05 1d02 help cover 05 1

d inside man mov 24 zx4 1d inside man mov 24 zx4 1

e mirren oscar 23 1e mirren oscar 23 1

ia01 rear 12 1ia01 rear 12 1

xxx xxx img lady bird kids 1 1 t0k4tarb 1xxx xxx img lady bird kids 1 1 t0k4tarb 1

silence of the lambs 0 1silence of the lambs 0 1

d03 frost nixon mov 23 1d03 frost nixon mov 23 1



the lobster 2016 2the lobster 2016 2

large mud coverlarge mud cover

nicolas winding refn drivenicolas winding refn drive

michael fassbender steve jobs movie 2015michael fassbender steve jobs movie 2015

msdmatr ec080msdmatr ec080

maxresdefault 11maxresdefault 11

screen2520shot25202017 01 272520at25201.22.062520pmscreen2520shot25202017 01 272520at25201.22.062520pm

pg 34 back to future 1pg 34 back to future 1

233132 1249751233132 1249751

uncut gemsuncut gems

district 9 featuredistrict 9 feature


urban cowboyurban cowboy

the patriotthe patriot

blueruin radius 2blueruin radius 2

maxresdefault 7maxresdefault 7


ex machina robotsex machina robots

blade runner photo 6 1033678019blade runner photo 6 1033678019

image 1image 1

15dolemite explainer 1 superjumbo15dolemite explainer 1 superjumbo

636216233907056760 ap groundhog day.3636216233907056760 ap groundhog day.3

hero hell or high water 2016 2hero hell or high water 2016 2

aaaabwtifefwbgxd84dxzerltv6tliheqbbxyvccvlyo1xoip9efla i362ltb24gigh44uirpkbabffiyvg95zpim5il0eraaaabwtifefwbgxd84dxzerltv6tliheqbbxyvccvlyo1xoip9efla i362ltb24gigh44uirpkbabffiyvg95zpim5il0er

paramount 01376 full image gallerybackground en usparamount 01376 full image gallerybackground en us

inglourious basterds 1024x640 1inglourious basterds 1024x640 1

golden globes supporting actor movie 97453golden globes supporting actor movie 97453

maguire primmaguire prim

13baumbach notebook1 superjumbo v213baumbach notebook1 superjumbo v2

seeso monty python and the holy grail mov full image gallerybackground en usseeso monty python and the holy grail mov full image gallerybackground en us

hero philadelphia image 2hero philadelphia image 2


roma 1roma 1

28okja superjumbo28okja superjumbo


snowpiercer 1200 1200 675 675 crop 000000snowpiercer 1200 1200 675 675 crop 000000

twopopes 01twopopes 01


49d502c700000578 0 image a 14 152034087750349d502c700000578 0 image a 14 1520340877503


aaaabvxumgf6lqp4llnqsr0b3f3j6osene39s1mxmntxrt6c1c48aopvsyl2htvu0qwycxc snkqnj6viadwzsqfnt0rst0aaaaabvxumgf6lqp4llnqsr0b3f3j6osene39s1mxmntxrt6c1c48aopvsyl2htvu0qwycxc snkqnj6viadwzsqfnt0rst0a

aaaabuwqwbvvnrpyeiapvged95qpb7y5qrvfuhbhlma7deg5ezh69i8u7egt n wzscmpmyo44z9sdcpt638blzvqifb82vwaaaabuwqwbvvnrpyeiapvged95qpb7y5qrvfuhbhlma7deg5ezh69i8u7egt n wzscmpmyo44z9sdcpt638blzvqifb82vw

aaaabrdijrxtam5lhmuftdotvix1mfwzorducpku6uaz2zdmnkwhhzt c2hegurkdg4mhzj0i0thxxvhwzk1ujfwusoirr 3aaaabrdijrxtam5lhmuftdotvix1mfwzorducpku6uaz2zdmnkwhhzt c2hegurkdg4mhzj0i0thxxvhwzk1ujfwusoirr 3

aaaabe9jlvdnzfgiw5qsgtj8y1vq6dgb7i9dqetepwax1 hvcf2zuvonkqyjs7kynbbg8arwthesq3p5dplzvpvmsw902ehzaaaabe9jlvdnzfgiw5qsgtj8y1vq6dgb7i9dqetepwax1 hvcf2zuvonkqyjs7kynbbg8arwthesq3p5dplzvpvmsw902ehz

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