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Android 12 is now slated to replace Auto for Phone Screens with the Google Assistant –



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Android Auto is the Google equivalent of Apple CarPlay, and as such allows a suitably modern vehicle to use and display apps such as Maps, YouTube, Messages and Spotify for Android while on the road. However, it now seems that Android 12 will change this experience somewhat on its roll-out to the general public later in 2021.
This update is already available as a beta, the latest version of which has apparently started to affect the use of this OS while driving. Its users have started to note that trying to start Android Auto for Phone Screens on getting into their cars are met with a message that they should "try the new Google Assistant Driving Mode" instead.
That wording may make it seem like this is an optional transition; however, the Mountain View giant has confirmed that Assistant Driving Mode will take over as “the built-in mobile driving experience” once a device upgrades to Android 12. It will not affect Auto on the car’s actual screen – in fact, Google has reassured users it is not going anywhere –  but may mean that a driver’s phone would not start to mimic it as normal.
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