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iPhone 15 Pro Could Change Volume Buttons, Remove Mute Switch – Forbes

iPhone 15 leaks have revealed both good and bad news about Apple’s upcoming smartphones. But now more details have leaked about what is arguably their most surprising design change.
9to5Mac claims that Apple is significantly changing the volume buttons and mute switch on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. In fact, the mute switch is being replaced for the first time in the range’s 16-year history.
iPhone 15 Pro renders –
9to5Mac’s source states that a “pressing type button” will replace the much-loved switch. The button itself is expected to be capacitive, meaning it doesn’t actually move, with users having to force press it to toggle silent mode on and off. Volume controls will work in the same way, but use a new unified design rather than separate buttons.
These changes are likely to prove divisive for several reasons. First, it is unclear how cases will work with capacitive buttons. Force touch works brilliantly on a Macbook trackpad, but you wouldn’t want to try it with anything between your finger and the trackpad surface.
Second, for many, the appeal of the mute switch is it can be easily operated out of sight. The shape means you can reach into a pocket and flip the switch without taking the phone out of your pocket. Whether that same convenience remains with a capacitive button remains to be seen.
Previous iPhone 15 CAD leaks were missing volume and mute buttons
Why would Apple make these changes? Cost and durability. Anything that moves is a point of complexity, potential failure and water ingress. Capacitive ‘buttons’ address all these points, and the technology is mature, making it affordable to integrate. The hope is Apple has found a way to make them as intuitive as physical buttons and switches.
Either way, this news should be taken seriously, given 9to5Mac’s track record and red hot run of iPhone 15 leaks (the site revealed detailed iPhone 15 CADs last month). Moreover, a clear picture of Apple’s plans is now emerging with these new buttons coming in addition to a more rounded design, larger displays, new chassis materials and colors, a flatter camera and the world’s first 3nm chipset.
Apple is also expected to charge higher prices for iPhone 15 Pro models to differentiate them further from non-Pro models. It’s a risk in a time of declining smartphone sales, but if anyone can get away with this, Apple can.
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