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Is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite worth buying in 2023? – Sportskeeda

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite received its eleventh refresh in 2021, bringing a bigger and better display, longer battery life, and faster charging standards. Being one of the best e-readers, the Kindle Paperwhite fulfills almost every request a reader may have.
Back in 2007, the Amazon Kindle series came as a boon to bibliophiles who believed in technological innovation. Since then, Amazon has continued its unbeatable Kindle legacy by introducing newer models and sub-brands.
That said, there are over five Kindle models available in 2023. Having so many options is bound to cause confusion, especially among those looking to become first-time e-readers.
Having doubts about the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in 2023? This article will help resolve your dilemma with a fair verdict.
The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is a read-centric device, offering an adequate focus on the user’s visual experience through distinct features. It also comes with storage variants to cater to both bookworms and casual readers.
That said, the Kindle Paperwhite also has a premium variant, the Signature Edition, which offers more storage, auto-adjusting light sensors, and wireless charging. So which one of them is worth buying in 2023? To decide, let’s take a profound look at what the base Paperwhite has to offer.
The latest Amazon Kindle Paperwhite model comes with a 6.8″ display with thinner borders than its predecessor, which featured a 6.0″ screen. You can adjust the warm light to customize your experience. Plus, the new flush-front design and 300 ppi glare-free display elevate the user’s visual experience.
Regarding battery life, the latest model can deliver up to 10 weeks of battery life through a single charge. It also promises up to 20% faster page turns, thus letting readers breeze through books. Furthermore, it comes with two storage variants – 8GB and 16GB – to suit all kinds of readers.
The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite supports Kindle Unlimited, letting users read books for free with a subscription. You can also remove lock screen advertisements for a minor fee.
Buy the Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon.
From the looks of it, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is definitely a worthwhile purchase in 2023. The base model with 8GB storage and an ad-supported lock screen comes at a $139 list price. Meanwhile, the 16GB storage model and no lock screen advertisements will cost you $169 without discounts.
The Kindle Paperwhite is great for casual readers and can cater to most reading needs. However, if you are a bookworm and have been purchasing e-readers for a while, the Signature Edition, priced at $189, may interest you.
Kindle also offers premium models like the Oasis and Scribe, which offer features anyone could ever want in an e-reader. There’s also a Standard Kindle which costs less than $100, making it a good deal for occasional readers.
All things considered, the Kindle Paperwhite is still a worthwhile choice for everyone in 2023 due to its balanced and indisputable features. Then again, it boils down to one’s personal preference.
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