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Google’s 2023-2025 roadmap for Pixel phones leaked: Here's what to expect | Mint – Mint

Google may bring major shifts with the Pixel series in 2023, 2024, and 2025. According to a report by Android Authority, the company’s 2023-2025 roadmap for Pixel phones has leaked. The report cites a reliable source which states that the company may bring two Pixel phones at Google I/O in April or May, 2023. These smartphones are codenamed lynx and felix. According to previous leaks, ‘lynx’ refers to the Pixel 7a, while the ‘felix’ is the codename for the Pixel Fold.
As per the report, Google is expected to keep the pricing for Pixel 7a the same as Pixel 6a. To compare, Google Pixel 6a retails at $449 in the US and 43,999 in India. Google Pixel 7a is expected to come powered by Google Tensor G2 chipset. It may come with several upgrades to the predecessor like wireless charging and 90Hz refresh rate.
In the second half of 2023, Google may bring its major flagship series- Google Pixel 8. The series may consist of Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. As per Android Authority report, there won’t be major changes with the 2023 Pixel series. Google Pixel 8 is codenamed ‘shiba’, while the Pixel 8 Pro is codenamed ‘husky’. Both these handsets will be powered by Google’s next silicon chipset. The upcoming processor – Google Tensor G3 is codenamed ‘zuma’.
In the year 2024, Google may bring the affordable Pixel 8a in the first half. In the latter part of the year, the company may launch the Pixel 9 series. However, the Pixel 9 series will consist of three devices according to the source.
Google Pixel 9 will be the standard device and is expected to come with the same size and format as the Pixel 8. The Pixel 9 Pro will be codenamed ‘komodo’ and may come with a 6.7-inch display. There will be a second Pro-level model which is codenamed “caiman.” The handset is said to have all the Pro-level features of the 6.7-inch model but may come with the design of the 6.3-inch model.
The company may also bring its second foldable phone in 2024.
In 2025, Google is planning to launch a foldable phone with clamshell design as the Galaxy Z Flip. “However, if Google abandons the flip-style device, it would move ahead with four non-folding phones. That would be a vanilla model in small and large sizes and a pro model in small and large sizes,” the report says.
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