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What Is Raw Accel in Valorant and Is It Bannable? – AFK Gaming

Riot Games
Raw Accel is a third-party tool that a lot of players are using to adjust mouse acceleration settings. It allows you to have deeper control of your mouse input and sensitivity settings beyond the scope of Windows or Valorant settings. It is not a cheat program by any means but it does dynamically change your sensitivity. The third-party app is NOT flagged by Riot Games’ anti-cheat and it is a legitimate program. However, Riot Games’ stance on the app may change in the future and you should use Raw Accel or any other third-party app with caution.
To use Raw Accel in Valorant you need to have the following:
Windows 10 or Windows 11
Visual C++ 2019 runtime, (download link)
NET Framework 4.7.2+ runtime (download link)
If you meet the pre-requisites: 
Head to: https://github.com/a1xd/rawaccel/releases to download the installation zip
Run installer.exe in the release directory to install the Raw Accel driver. Restart your computer for the installation to take effect.
Run rawaccel.exe when the driver is installed in order to run the Raw Accel GUI.
If you want to uninstall the app, run uninstaller.exe in the release directory to uninstall the driver. Restart for the uninstallation to take effect.
Raw Accel modifies your mouse acceleration on its own and it does not modify your Valorant game files in any way. It is a legitimate app but players should still be wary of using third-party apps that may trigger false positives on Riot Games’ Vanguard anti-cheat. If you use the app, you should do so knowing all the associated risks.
There is a Raw Accel guide on the official GitHub page of the program that you should go through. The developers explain how the program works and what exactly it does when you configure it for any game. Depending on whether you are tracking or flicking, mouse acceleration is modified by Raw Accel dynamically to better suit what you are trying to do in any given situation.
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