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Investors are always looking for the next new cryptocurrency to invest in for upside potential.
This guide discusses the top new cryptocurrency releases for 2023 and takes a look at the tokenomics, utility, and investability of each project.
Below is a rundown of the most promising new crypto launches for 2023.
Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)Overall Best New Cryptocurrency Release For 2023
Fight Out (FGHT) Earn Crypto and NFTs for Keeping Fit – First Presale Campaign Phase Has Raised Almost $2.9M
C+Charge (CCHG)Project Allowing EV Drivers to Earn Carbon Credits for Charging
RobotEra (TARO) – Sandbox-Style P2E Game on the Blockchain With Robot and Land NFTs
Calvaria (RIA) – Collect NFT Character Cards to Build an Army in P2E Game – More Than $2.7M Raised In Five Stages of Presale
Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Blockchain Casino and Fastest Crypto Token to Hit $1 Billion Market Cap
Tamadoge (TAMA) – Take NFT Pets to Battle In the Metaverse – Successful Presale Raised More Than $19M
Frax Finance (FRAX) – Innovative Crypto Project Backed by Both Collateral and Algorithms
Grove Coin (GRV) – Green Crypto Project Focussed on Environmental Issues
Proxy Swap (PROXY) – Uses Smart Contracts And Allows Traders to Swap Crypto Without a CEX
Meta Masters Guild is the best new cryptocurrency launch for 2023. This project is aiming to reshape the way we game with cryptocurrencies by creating truly immersive and enjoyable games, rather than just concentrating on drawing people in with the sole purpose of earning rewards.
The guild is backed by the hot new crypto token MEMAG, which is now on presale. Those looking for the best new crypto launches can place an order to buy MEMAG now and lock in the presale price. Tokens will be $0.007 throughout the first stage of the campaign.
Interest is certainly high, as the project raised over $130,000 within the first 48 hours of its presale launch.
MEMAG will still be available at a discounted price during the next stage of presale, however investors will pay $0.01 per token. With playable NFTs thrown in as well, there is no reason Meta Masters Guild won't take off.
The project has released information on its mission, which is to bring mobile-centric web3 gaming to the masses. According to the project's social media feed, the first title that will be released is Meta Kart Racers.
There’s also Axel, a rockstar who competes in the racing championship in pursuit of glory. Meanwhile, Anon is a rebellious punk addicted to hitting the asphalt, and Rocky the apeman is the poster boy of the game.
The P2E philosophy will continue with the release of a turn-based game called Raid NFT. This is primarily a fighting game. Players will select an avatar from one of the warrior classes and go to battle in one of the numerous immersive hostile environments.
In all of the games offered by Meta Masters Guild, players can earn GEMS, as well as in-game NFTs. Rewards are offered for completing challenges, leveling up during gameplay, and more.
Importantly, the creators of MEMAG believe in a fair market when it comes to crypto gaming. As such, instead of only allowing GEMS to be used on the platform, they can be exchanged for MEMAG tokens.
Then, MEMAG can be swapped for currencies such as ETH or USDT, allowing the player to convert their rewards into usable funds. Investors will find plenty of information in the MEMAG Litepaper.
Visit MEMAG Presale
Fight Out is preparing for an exciting new cryptocurrency release for 2023. The project is on a mission to shake up the fitness industry by creating a web3 M2E (move to earn) ecosystem. The M2E trend is likely to grow rapidly as we all search for new ways to earn free cryptocurrencies.
We think Fight Out will be behind the biggest new cryptocurrency launch for 2023. The ecosystem will include a community, personalized workouts, tournaments, and one of the best metaverse apps. There will also be numerous ways for individuals to earn free cryptocurrencies.
In terms of the latter, the community will be rewarded for adopting a comprehensive approach to fitness. This will be possible through the M2E and Fight Out training programs. Users can realize their fitness objectives in the areas of strength, cardio, general well-being, and endurance.
The end-to-end process will be personalized at Fight Out. For instance, users can specify that they want to increase their muscle gain, general health, shed weight, and more. Online lessons with live remote access will be available through Fight Out.
These courses will concentrate on sports nutrition, fight IQ, footwork, combat IQ, and many other subjects. Every user will be able to mint their own avatar NFT and can buy accessories and personalize them using FGHT.
REPS is another currency used by the platform. It is used for rewards but can also be used to make purchases The project has recently announced that it plans to lock up 50% of the total supply of FGHT over the next five years.
The idea is to prevent large-scale sell-offs whilst maintaining a stable long-term value of FGHT. The FGHT presale campaign has raised close to $2.9 million as of writing and it hasn’t even embarked on stage two yet.
The cost of FGHT tokens is $0.0166 at this point. When the $5 million target has been achieved, the presale moves onto stage two and tokens increase once more. This will continue until Fight Out is listed on a cryptocurrency exchange.
Investors who sign up for the presale now can claim a bonus of up to 50%. To stay abreast with this project, investors can join the official Fight Out Telegram group.
Visit Fight Out
C+Charge is a brand-new cryptocurrency presale that aims to democratize the carbon credit market. Additionally, the team behind the project is forming partnerships in a bid to transform the way we charge EVs (electrical vehicles).
With established worldwide emissions objectives and a growing understanding of the risks associated with gasoline and diesel vehicles, more and more individuals are switching to EVs to lessen their carbon impact.
This is one of the most eco-friendly crypto projects for 2023. C+Charge thinks that the key to reshaping the future of EVs is by utilizing blockchain technology and carbon credit incentives. The project will do this by creating a network of charging stations.
As such, a large part of this project’s goal is the development and implementation of a strong peer-to-peer payment mechanism that awards minted carbon credits to EV drivers.
Through their joint venture, C+Charge and Flowcarbon will offer tokenized carbon credits using the latter's GNT (Goodness Nature Token). All users of C+Charge will be able to download an app, which will include a digital wallet.
When an EV owner or driver uses the CCHG app to pay for charging at one of the partner C+Charge stations, GNT tokens are awarded to them. This is paid from the transaction fees made during the charge.
According to the whitepaper, holders of GNT and CCHG will also get pro-rata shares of transaction fees as carbon credits. Rewards will be automatically stored in the aforementioned wallet.
This project is running a presale campaign for its native new crypto coins, CCHG. It’s in the midst of stage one and at this time tokens cost $0.013 each. When the project progresses to the next stage, CCHG tokens will still be discounted but will cost $0.0165
The overarching goal of this project is to develop technologies that will facilitate and encourage the mobility of all persons and products using clean electric power. This is whilst simultaneously giving drivers and CCHG holders access to benefits that were previously only available to huge enterprises.
Investors can take a look at the C+Charge whitepaper for more information. Furthermore, this is another one of the new crypto projects on this list that announces giveaways on its Twitter feed.
Visit C+Charge
RobotEra is the next new crypto launch worth considering for 2023. This multiverse and P2E project is likely to be the next Sandbox. Players are tasked with rebuilding a post-war planet set within a metaverse that has multiple continents.
There are various ways for players to make money during gameplay so this is one of the most promising new cryptocurrencies for fans of P2E models. Players can look for resources on all of the continents within the game.
Whatever they manage to find can be used to their advantage. Players are represented as NFT robots. Furthermore, they are able to create their own robot companions to aid them in rebuilding the planet Taro.
Robot companions can help players in many ways. Furthermore, because robot companions are also NFTs, they can be sold in the RobotEra marketplace and even rented out to other players.
Players can purchase parcels of land as NFTs using the native token TARO. They will manage their own land and take ownership of it. This also allows players to be creative, as whatever robots and land they create, it can be sold or traded.
Not only does this allow players to trade and sell their own assets, but it also enables them to construct whatever they want on it. Another option is mining, and different areas of the multiverse will offer players alternative types of terrain, and therefore resources.
We also like that RobotEra players are able to build their own economy and construct things on their land that can be monetized. Players will eventually be able to communicate with others as well as uncover rewards, and visit other gamers’ land projects.
We mentioned TARO, this new cryptocurrency can be purchased on presale at the low price of $0.020 per token. At this stage, investors can lock in 1,000 tokens for just $20. However, when the presale advances to the next stage of the campaign, early investors will pay 25% more.
RobotEra will also introduce staking so that those that invest in TARO tokens can earn a passive income from locked-up crypto.
Visit RobotEra Presale
Calvaria is leveraging the power of the Polygon network to offer players high-performance P2E card games. As such, its token RIA is one of the new crypto listings that blockchain gamers are looking forward to.
RIA will power the whole ecosystem and eRIA will be given out when the player earns rewards. Calvaria has created Duels of Eternity, which is an incentivized card game with a range of collectible NFT characters.
The idea of this new crypto project is that players can strategize to build their own army of playable NFTs. Players will strategically collect cards and head to the battlefield to try and defeat their opponents to earn rewards.
Furthermore, as we found out from the whitepaper, NFT cards will come with a toolkit. Players can use this to get higher on the leaderboard by means of upgrading their deck. Rewards will be given out when players beat their opponents and during gameplay.
No P2E game is complete without a backstory. In this one, the card game is set in the conflict-filled afterlife. Santa Muerte, the Void, and Quetzalcoatl fight for control of this unearthly plane. All players will choose a faction to join at the start of the game.
A key advantage of playing Duels of Eternity is that the player will own any NFT card that they buy. This also includes any upgrades they purchase or are rewarded with. The possibility of digital ownership is owing to blockchain technology.
Additionally, this opens up monetizing opportunities for players. According to the whitepaper, Duels of Eternity NFT cards will be bought, sold, and traded in third-party NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible.
Not only will each card represent a different character, but these warriors all possess different traits. As fans of NFTs will know, the rarer the traits of a digital asset like this is, the higher its market value will be.
This could present savvy investors with an opportunity to make gains later on. Furthermore, the native token RIA is the best new cryptocurrency to invest in on presale. Investors who like the sound of the Calvaria project can buy 30.77 tokens for every $1 they allocate.
Once the presale is over and RIA is included in the new crypto listings on an exchange, investors can go to the Calvaria platform to claim their tokens.
Visti Calvaria Presale
Lucky Block is the best new cryptocurrency to buy for investors that prefer playing casino games like poker, blackjack, and slots. This blockchain-based casino and sports betting site was created in 2022 and has partnered with over 80 software providers to offer entertaining gameplay.
Players can use a range of cryptocurrencies to gamble online at Lucky Block. Furthermore, deposits and withdrawals are speedy, secure, and private thanks to the blockchain element of the casino.
LBLOCK backs the casino, which was one of the most successful new crypto launches of 2022. The presale campaign was so successful, and the project so popular, that LBLOCK sold out. When Lucky Block’s native token was listed, it quickly became the fastest cryptocurrency to reach a market capitalization of $1 billion.
Investors who like the sound of Lucky Block casino can register today. After a week of gameplay, they can claim a generous 15% cashback on net losses. The platform has various promotions and players can check the relevant section to find out more.
A recent giveaway saw new players being entered into a crypto airdrop worth $10,000. The casino offers thousands of slot titles to keep players entertained, as well as live dealers, table games, provably fair, dice, a sportsbook, and much more.
This casino accepts 10 cryptocurrencies, in addition to fiat payment methods. All crypto payouts are instant and fee-free. The minimum deposit requirement is only $1 and there is no requirement to complete the KYC process. As such, signing up takes seconds.
Visit Lucky Block
Tamadoge is a new upcoming cryptocurrency in the P2E space. Like some of the other new crypto launches we’ve talked about so far, Tamadoge combines online gaming with NFT characters with rewards.
In this scenario, the NFT character is a pet. NFT pets are raised by the player, which includes feeding them and making sure they are taken care of. To make the game more fun, there is a battle element as well.
In addition to keeping their NFT pets, players can train them and prepare them for battle with others. Tamadoge battles take place in the metaverse and here, players will also be able to communicate with the rest of the community.
There is a weekly leaderboard at Tamadoge and players will win prizes for being successful. Tamadoge also has a large collection of NFTs which can enhance gameplay for players who buy them.
The next part of the project, which is well underway, is the arcade element of the ecosystem. As of writing, this is in the beta phase. That is to say, soon, players will be able to access P2E titles that are traditionally arcade games, but have been modernized for the crypto age.
Fans of AR titles will be happy to hear the project is also in the midst of developing a cell phone game. Tamadoge pets will be able to explore the surroundings of the player and try to locate free cryptocurrencies. This is likely to be comparable to the popular Pokemon GO AR app.
TAMA tokens power this platform, and during the presale in 2022, the project raised $19 million.
Visit Tamadoge
The first hybrid stablecoin protocol supported by both algorithms and collateral is Frax Finance. It’s been described as the first on-chain central bank, but instead of fiat, it regulates the monetary policy of the new crypto fractional-algorithmic stablecoin FRAX.
Traditionally, stablecoins are either overcollateralized or wholly algorithmic. FRAX is created utilizing both FXS and USDC. It has carved itself a place in the stablecoin market because of its partially collateralized but also algorithmic-pegged architecture.
As such, FLAX is different from the majority of other stablecoins. Fraxswap, the native DEX, also calls itself the first automated market maker. FRAX does not have a fixed supply. It fluctuates according to the stablecoin's supply and demand.
Grove Token bills itself as a safe, decentralized green token. This is the best new crypto to buy for investors that want to make a difference in the growing concerns over climate change.
The project has been developed with an eye on ecology. Grove Token intends to concentrate on eco-blockchain solutions and a virtual currency devoid of mining. This is a conscious decision based on rising concerns over the effects of cryptocurrency mining on the environment.
The whitepaper claims that GroveWallet will be the first green wallet and will encourage the adoption of digital money that is environmentally sustainable. With its environmentally responsible approach, it seeks to enrich all GVR token owners.
Investors that think this is the best new crypto to invest in, and buy GVR tokens, will eventually be able to access P2E games, lending, farming, staking, Gove credit cards, and much more.
Another hot new crypto is Proxy Swap. This platform was created to provide crypto traders with a high level of anonymity by enabling them to perform transactions in private.
That is to say, traders who use the site don’t have to disclose their wallet addresses. The overarching goal is to allow users to quickly swap between different tokens, crucially, without the need for a centralized exchange.
The fact that the platform is partnered with the crypto exchange Uniswap is one of Proxy Swap's most attractive characteristics. This makes PROXY Swap a flexible and easy platform for switching tokens.
Essentially, this allows traders to exchange any coin that is offered on Uniswap via the Proxy Swap platform.
We’ve looked at a wide range of new crypto to invest in for this guide and whittled it down to 10 of the most promising projects.
MEMAG is the currency of Meta Masters Guild. This is an exciting new project that is creating a collection of play and earn games that cover genres like racing and fighting, among others.
Check out the MEMAG presale to secure the lowest price possible.
Visit MEMAG Crypto Presale
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