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When will Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Battlepass arrive? – Sportskeeda

Episode 5 Act 1 of Valorant is scheduled to end on August 24, 2022. If Riot’s release history is anything to go by, Episode 5 Act 2 of the game could probably be released on August 24, 2022. Players can expect the new Battlepass to launch with the release of the new Act.
If the leak, released by Twitter user floxay, turns out to be true, then the dates of the release are seemingly confirmed. However, there is always a chance that Riot Games may delay the release date of the new Act for one reason or another.
However, Valorant’s in-game timer also hints at the arrival of the new Act on August 23 EDT and August 24 IST.
The Battlepass of Episode 5 Act 2 is expected to bring a plethora of items to the game, including weapon skins, Sprays, Gun Buddies, Player Cards, and titles. It may also include a free side-arm weapon skin along with some radianite points.
Disclaimer: There is no official information regarding the commencement of the upcoming Act yet. Thus, players should take the information of the release date with a pinch of salt.
As of now, Riot Games has not made an official statement regarding what the upcoming Battlepass may contain. Thus, players will have to wait for a few days to see the release for themselves.
Valorant also gets one new skin line whenever a new Battlepass is released. This could mean that players may finally get to see the infamous Daedalus bundle in stores. Riot Games accidentally teased the protoype skin on Twitter, and fans immediately jumped on the post.
While the contents of the Battlepass are still under speculation, it is hard to say what Riot has planned for the future. However, in a tweet, Riot Games mentioned that the current Act will end on August 22.
So, based on the speculations, it can be expected that Episode 5 Act 2 will be released on August 23 – 24. The paid content in a Valorant Battlepass usually includes a skin set, which can be unlocked over time through tiers. Since Riot Games did not disclose anything related to the contents of the Battlepass for Act 2, it is hard to say which skins may get introduced.
Apart from the Battlepass, players may also get the chance to look at the new Agent, codenamed “MAGE,” with the release of the upcoming Battlepass. However, the delay in the release date could also mean that the new Valorant Agent may not show up immediately once the Act starts.
The updates that come with the new Acts are usually larger in size, which could mean that Riot Games has also scheduled some quality-of-life changes for Valorant. Players can expect sufficient bug fixes and other changes as well.
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