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Is Karl from MrBeast the reason for Chris' problems? Divorce rumors … – Spiel Times

Things have not been going great recently for MrBeast’s friend Chris Tyson and to make them worse, fans have speculated that the YouTuber’s other friend Karl Jacobs is the reason for the former’s divorce problems.
Over the past few months, Chris from MrBeast has received a lot of hate comments on social media, changing his online persona. This led to rumors of divorce from wife Katie, who Chris shares a son with. 
MrBeast fans believe that Karl has had a negative effect on his other friends and they falsely claim that his effeminate or LGBTQ+ way of presenting himself is the reason. Some have gone as far as giving this theory a name: the Karl Effect.
However, coincidence or not, it cannot be denied that Chris Tyson’s problems seemingly started when Karl’s influence caught on to him. Let’s take a look at a definitive breakdown of whether or not the Karl Effect is real and how it has affected the former’s life.

Did Chris from MrBeast divorce his wife for Karl?

First of all, Chris Tyson has not divorced his wife Katie, despite a number of rumors floating around on social media. And sadly, the so-called Karl Effect is to be blamed for these rumors. Some MrBeast fans incorrectly suggested that Chris had a change in sexuality and that he left his wife and son for Karl. 
As of now, Chris Tyson’s wife Katie and son Tucker happily live together as a family. They have previously appeared in some MrBeast videos as well. However, Chris’s Instagram posts have featured only his son and not his wife in recent times, fueling rumors of his divorce from Katie.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Chris Tyson (@chris_thememegod)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Chris Tyson (@chris_thememegod)

Despite being close friends for years, Karl’s effect on Chris became a topic of discussion only recently. This came after Chris began to dress “differently” and show up with painted nails on MrBeast videos. The online community has criticized the term Karl Effect as it negatively reflects fluid sexuality.

A look at Chris Tyson’s tweet about kidney stones

Apart from his personal and professional life, Chris from MrBeast seems to be undergoing problems in the health department as well. He recently tweeted about an insurance company refusing to scan him for kidney stones, despite having them in the past.

My insurance company denied my scan to check for kidney stones.
Their reason was “you’ve had kidney stones in the past”
Isn’t that an even better reason to confirm why I’m in pain?!
— Chris Tyson (@chris) February 28, 2023

Fans have wished for his speedy recovery and the tweet has raised decent awareness on how insurance companies work in healthcare. The tweet was a rare public post from Chris in a long time.

Is Karl the reason for Chris coming out?

In June 2020, Chris came out as bisexual, and this received mixed reactions from MrBeast fans. While most of them were supportive, the conservative ones were not impressed. They were shocked by the fact that he came out right after his son’s birth. Did Karl have something to do with this?

Chris Tyson Karl Jacobs MrBeast divorce
Image courtesy of Chris Tyson

It’s unlikely that Karl had any effect on Chris except for a feeling of inclusivity or being open about himself. YouTubers like TAKERhaker have made videos to debunk the Karl effect and avoid misinformation about sexuality. While we’re not sure if Karl Jacobs is straight or bisexual, he has openly stated that he is on the asexual spectrum.
And it’s not just the Karl effect. Chris has also stepped away from public spotlight after his old racist and Islamophobic tweets resurfaced online.

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