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iPhone 15 series to come with USB Type-C port: Report | Mint – Mint

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 and 15 pro could come with a USB Type-C port instead of the Lightning port. The two phones could be released in September this year.
According to a new report by 9to5Mac, Apple’s iPhone 15 and 15 pro will be coming with a USB Type-C port. The report also claims that Apple could still be trying to retain some control over the charging system. 
The switch to USB Type-C cable could mean an increase in charging speeds for the upcoming iPhones. Currently, iPhone 15 and 15 pro support charging speeds of up to 20W and 27W respectively.
iPhone 15 and 15 Pro are expected to support charging by any USB Type-C cable. However, the company could restrict some features like high-speed data transfer or fast charging to Apple-certified accessories only.
An earlier report had also claimed that Apple may be bringing new accessories with its Type-C port. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had earlier claimed that other accessories like AirPods charging cases, the MagSafe Battery Pack, and the Magic Keyboard/Trackpad/Mouse trio will also be switching to USB-C in the future.
According to a report by MacRumors, iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will come with a 48 MP camera sensor. It is expected to be a three-stacked sensor that can capture more light for improved image quality compared to the existing iPhone lineup. The smartphones could be powered by A 15 Bionic chipset and paired with 8 GB of RAM. 
Interestingly, 2023 iPhone series phones could be manufactured in India as per TrendForce. The report claims that iPhone 15 and 15 Plus smartphones could be manufactured in India and assembled by the Tata Group.
If the report turns out to be true, Tata Group could become only the 4th company to assemble iPhones in India after Foxconn, Luxshare and Pegatron.
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