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The saddest Pixar movies are capable of leaving a lasting impression with viewers, whether they be young children or fully-grown adults.
Pixar movies are famous for being able to make their viewers laugh and cry at the same time. Viewers can therefore enjoy some of the most beautiful animated movies with deep lore and touching stories that stay with them long after the movie ends. Pixar fans had a chance to get lost in some of the most brilliantly designed and highly emotional animation stories.
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Even though not all Pixar movies are about humans, their stories still touch viewers no matter whether they're about toys, animals, robots, or monsters. Thanks to Pixar's imaginative movies, viewers can go on epic adventures while meeting some of the funniest talking animals in movies as well as a wide variety of eccentric and one-of-a-kind characters whose relatable and heartwarming stories make every viewer shed a tear or two.
Finding Dory is Finding Nemo's equally successful and bittersweet sequel. In this beautiful movie, Pixar fans were able to meet some of their favorite characters once again while also meeting a fine variety of new and exciting creatures. Even though Dory has a kind and fun personality, she has a heartbreaking past that she can't even remember.
Since Dory suffers from memory loss she just forgets everything that happened to her and the only thing she can remember is that she got separated from her parents as a kid. Finding Dory's emotional story follows her adventures as she finally goes on a journey to find her long-lost family.
Wall-E is one of the most adorable sci-fi movie robots of all time with a heart-achingly beautiful story. Pixar fans can get lost in Wall-E's dark world and see the tiny sentient robot's inspiring but sad adventure as he embarks upon an epic journey around the galaxy.
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While there are plenty of heartbreaking moments in this charming Pixar movie, the most beautiful ones involve Wall-E and his new love Eve. This unforgettable movie resonated with viewers of all ages on multiple levels and soon became a favorite of many Pixar fans. Wall-E is about a little robot who was left on Earth hundreds of years ago to clean up and somehow developed a personality because of a glitch.
Many consider the four Toy Story films to be the best Pixar movies and while all of them had plenty of emotional and heartbreaking moments, none was as sad as Toy Story 3. Most Pixar fans agree that the third Toy Story movie is the most emotional one, and it's the one that made most viewers cry.
This iconic Pixar movie was dealing with the difficulties of growing up and was teaching its fans why it's important to let go of the past. Its most emotional scene was when Andy accepted that it was time for him to let go of his toys including his childhood favorite, Woody. Toy Story 3's story follows the adventures of Andy's toys after they accidentally get donated to a daycare center by Andy's mom.
Soul is easily Pixar's saddest movie for adults, with a meaningful and beautiful message about what makes life beautiful and special. This stunningly animated story is one of Pixar's most ambitious movies with remarkable characters and stirring music.
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Many of the beautiful hidden details in Soul are still a surprise to most of its fans. Joe's realization about his life and ambitions inspired Pixar fans all over the world to appreciate life's little moments more because those are the things that make life worth living. Soul's story follows Joe's adventures after he nearly dies and gets a second chance at life, though only if he can finally figure out the purpose of his life.
Inside Out is considered by many to be the saddest Pixar movie ever since this hilarious story has plenty of dark and heartbreaking moments. This brilliant animated movie takes its fans on a unique adventure while immersing them in a powerful story about the importance of emotional well-being.
Inside Out is a vibrant Pixar movie that's as fun and educational for its adult viewers as it is for kids since this fun story motivates its viewers to pay more attention to their emotions, what purpose they serve, and how and why they change as they age. Inside Out's story is about a young girl and how she tries to adapt to the changes in her life and her mind.
Coco is one of the most stunningly animated and feel-good Pixar movies with one of the most unfortunate death scenes in movies. This bittersweet movie deals with various themes, including death, self-confidence, the importance of family, and unconditional love.
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It's also one of the most complex Pixar movies that reminded viewers about the importance of dreams as well as how their decisions can shape not only their own lives but everyone else's around them. Coco's story follows Miguel's adventures after the young boy is accidentally transported to the Land of the Dead and has to find a way to return to the world of the living before it's too late.
Up's beautiful but heartbreaking story about true love and loss is the one that made most Pixar fans cry. Even though Up has positive messages, it's still one of the saddest Pixar movies with relatable, wholesome, and hilarious characters.
Up also has one of the best movie dogs as well as other fun characters that make its magical and vibrant story truly unforgettable. Up's story follows the adventures of Carl, who's left alone after losing his wife but suddenly finds himself on an incredible adventure to fulfill a promise that he made to her.
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