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I’m pretty sure there’s a sizeable group of people who like the Apple Watch for its functionality but not for its looks. Sure, it looks great for a smartwatch, but the smartwatch aesthetic doesn’t really appeal to everyone. For the true watch aficionado who’s spent way too much time around Rolexes and Brietlings and Tag Heuers, this Apple Watch case turns your slick piece of tech into something that looks like a true watch encased in steel with a well-sculpted body and a steel or leather strap to match. Designed by the folks at Serafino Luxury, the case transforms the Apple Watch from tech wearable to haute horlogerie. The cases come available in a variety of styles, with metallic and anodized black, blue, and gold finishes to choose from. Depending on the style you choose, you even get a complimentary strap to match the case.
Designer: Serafino Luxury
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Available for all Apple Watch makes, including the slightly varied size of the Series 7 watch, the cases act merely as an aesthetic clad for your watch, sort of the way a cover clads your phone. However, while a cover’s prime objective is to protect your phone against damage, Serafino Luxury’s Apple Watch Cases are designed to give your watch an aesthetic overhaul, without compromising on the watch’s capabilities. Each case encloses your Apple Watch’s main hardware unit, exposing the screen on the front in a way that’s still easy to access, while also keeping the sensors and charging points on the rear of the watch uncovered. The Apple Watch’s crown gets a metal overlay too, being replaced with a much more traditional-looking wristwatch crown, and the power button below it also gets covered by a clickable metal cover. Cutouts for the speaker and microphone ensure the smartwatch works just as intended with minimal to no tradeoff.

Perhaps the only tradeoffs that really come to mind are firstly the fact that any case or accessory for your Apple Watch will add to its weight. There’s little word on how much these cases weigh, but you can expect a moderate increase to your wristwatch’s overall weight. Secondly, the newer Apple Watches come with a wraparound screen to minimize bezels – but Serafino Luxury’s cases pride themselves in large chunky bezels, which may (I repeat, may) inhibit you from reaching the edges of your screen. The casing may also dampen the watch’s taptic engine response, although that’s something one can only assess after trying them out.
serafino luxury apple watch 6 1serafino luxury apple watch 6 1
serafino luxury apple watch 7 1serafino luxury apple watch 7 1

Serafino Luxury’s cases cost anywhere between $229 and $299 depending on the style you pick. Each case ships with all its parts, including an interchangeable strap, a silicone sleeve that sits between the case and your Apple Watch (to prevent knocks and scratches), and a screwdriver to assemble/disassemble your Serafino Luxury Apple Watch Case. The cases are available for all Apple Watch models and sizes (including even the SE), and if you feel your Apple Watch just lacks that je ne sais quoi, you can snag one of these cases on Serafino Luxury’s website.

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