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Xbox Game Pass Couch Co-Op Games Section is a Lie – GameRant

The couch co-op section on Xbox Game Pass erroneously lists multiple multiplayer games that do not actually offer couch co-op.
Xbox Game Pass has plenty of couch co-op and local multiplayer options for subscribers to try, but the section advertising these games lists many titles that do not actually offer the feature. Xbox Game Pass has well over 100 games readily available to subscribers with new titles added and removed all the time. Considering the sheer volume of games available on Xbox Game Pass, it can sometimes be difficult for gamers to find the specific thing they want to play.
To make it easier for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to find games they want to play, titles are categorized in different sections. These sections aren't consistent. Sometimes players will click on the Xbox Game Pass app and have different categories to browse. Other times, these sections are brought to the home page of the Xbox dashboard for easy access and lead players to a list of games that supposedly fit that category. This is a great idea in practice, but the couch co-op section is incorrect in more ways than one.
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At least one version of the Xbox Game Pass couch co-op list has multiple games listed that do not actually have couch co-op. There are other versions of it that do contain a list of games that have couch co-op, or at least some kind of local multiplayer, but that's not always the case. The issue seems to be that clicking on the couch co-op button actually takes players to a list of general multiplayer and co-op games, disregarding whether they actually offer couch co-op or not. Among the games listed in this section are Back 4 Blood, Dead by Daylight, Fallout 76, Sea of Thieves, Deathloop, and many other titles that do not support couch co-op. Confused gamers may be looking for a legitimate list of Xbox Game Pass games with couch co-op, and so here are some of the best to try.
This is not a comprehensive list of every single couch co-op game on Xbox Game Pass, but it is the heavy hitters. The couch co-op games listed here should keep subscribers busy for a significant amount of time, especially if they have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription handy.
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives Xbox gamers access to everything that comes with vanilla Game Pass on top of all the games that have been added to EA Play. This gives subscribers the chance to play critically-acclaimed co-op games like A Way Out, It Takes Two, and Unravel Two, so it's definitely worth the price of admission.
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