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Use “Where’s my app” for Windows Phone and find your desired apps and their alternatives


Microsoft has quietly released Where’s my app — A kind of supplement to the application Switch To Windows Phone and available for both Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8. The app helps new Windows Phone users to search the apps and alternative apps that they often use on iOS and Android platform.

According to the description on Windows Phone store website, this “Where’s my app” app is not the substitute of Windows Phone Store and doesn’t show complete catalog. It only provides lookup for the popular iOS and Android applications, and when the app is missing on Store, “Where’s my app” likely suggests similar highly-rated alternative applications.

The app features three sections: app status includes a search box and a list of applications with the status (not available, available, incoming, try these great alternatives); featured app is similar to the Highlights page on Windows Phone Store, and shows the most popular apps and games; about displays information on the app.

For instance, Instagram one of the most-desired apps for Windows Phone, the apps suggests Metrogram, Instagraph and #2InstaWithLove.

There are already more than 145,000 apps available for Windows Phone, but still a list of titles are not available, compare to iOS and Android platform or yet to be transited to the Windows Phone platform. Therefore if the app searched for is not available then users can send feedback and suggestions, and encourage App developers to bring a project on Windows Phone or develop a port of existing iOS and Android apps for Windows Phone.

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