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WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messaging app, and it has stayed that way for quite a long time. However, it will keep facing tough competitions from apps like Telegram. Meta has every intension to make its platform stay ahead of the competition and the only way to do that is to keep pushing updates with new features to WhatsApp.
WhatsApp already has a lot of new updates in the pipeline. Most of these updates are coming to all platforms which includes iOS, Android as well as the Desktop version. Some of these upcoming features have already crossed the development stage and are in the beta testing stage. Others are still under development, but we will surely experience all of them soon.
Currently WhatsApp developers are working on the following updates. Some may already be out at the time of writing this article. You may have to update your WhatsApp in order to know which of these features are already released.
WhatsApp has announced the following features for the iOS and Android apps. They include private audience selector, voice status, status reactions, status profile rings, and rich link previews on Status.
The private audience selector will allow users to choose who they want to see each status they post. This means you can post one status for a selected few and post another one for different group of contacts.
The voice status update is a new feature that will allow users to record a voice note and update it on their WhatsApp status.
With status reaction, contacts who view your status can react to it just like how it works in normal chats.
The status profile ring feature is already out in many regions. You need to update your WhatsApp if you have not seen this feature yet. Usually, you see a green ring around the profile picture of your contacts. This shows that the user has updated their WhatsApp status.
The rich links preview on status is already out in a lot of regions. With this feature, you get an image preview of the links you post on your WhatsApp status.WhatsApp Features
As it stands now, you cannot send more than 30 photos or videos at the same time. This update will increase this limit to 100. The update is currently in beta testing.
With voice notes transcription, a user can decide to read a transcription of a voice note sent to them rather than listening to the audio itself. This feature is currently being tested on iOS.
You are much aware that you need to keep your hands on the record button when recording WhatsApp videos right? An update is coming to help you keep your hands free while recording. It also in beta test mode.
This feature will allow you to schedule a WhatsApp call with group members. This will help in group conferencing so that everyone can avail themselves for the conversation. This feature is still under development and will come out in future updates.
The developers of the messaging app have also announced that they intend to give the emoji keyboard a transparent look.
Finally, the days of seeing your nice pictures looking odd because of WhatsApp compression is coming to an end. WhatsApp is currently working on an update that would allow you to send the original image quality to another user. This feature will be optional, so that those who want to save storage can choose to send the compressed image. If you also don’t want to temper with your high-quality pictures, you can send them directly without losing the image quality.
As you can see WhatsApp developers are quite busy, trying make the instant messaging platform more convenient for all of us to enjoy. Which of these features is your favorite? Share in the comment section.
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