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What is The Karl Effect? Chris Tyson divorce claims go viral in wake of MrBeast’s shoes charity controversy – Sportskeeda

While MrBeast’s shoe charity controversy is all over social media at the moment, netizens have now expressed an interest in his friend Chris Tyson’s personal life.
Rumors have been floating around on social media, claiming that MrBeast’s long-time friend, Chris Tyson, and his wife have gotten divorced.
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The rumors of Chris separating from his wife, Katie Tyson, allegedly began on Reddit, where several people noticed a significant change in his fashion sense. This was after he revealed his sexual orientation and made a public announcement about being bisexual.
Furthermore, several others also noticed how the couple, Chris Tyson and Katie, have not shared any pictures with each other on social media for a very long time.
However, neither Chris Tyson nor Katie has addressed their separation rumors.
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Additionally, social media users have also used the term “Karl Effect” and claimed that Chris’ transformation and dressing sense has changed because of the same.
As Chris Tyson and his wife, Katie, welcomed their son, Tucker Tyson, in June 2020, the YouTuber and internet personality opened up about his sexual orientation and claimed that he was bisexual. As such, many are speculating that Chris and Katie might have grown apart due to the “Karl Effect.”
The term is basically coined by MrBeast fans, who believe that MrBeast’s team member, Karl Jacobs, has a negative effect on others in the team. Many also believe that Karl and Chris hung out together quite often, and that could be the reason why Chris started dressing differently and much like Karl.
The rumors that floated also claimed that due to the growing bond between Karl and Chris, Tyson left his wife and son.
However, nothing claimed above by social media users can be proven until it is addressed by Chris Tyson or his wife, Katie.
MrBeast is also known for his charitable work apart from his larger-than-life videos. The YouTuber has been in the spotlight for donating money and providing 20,000 children with their first pair of shoes. However, several people have criticized him and claimed that he has been doing all of it for views and publicity.
MrBeast decided to speak up on the matter on March 9, 2023, and claimed that 100% of his revenue from ‘beast philanthropy’ goes towards his food banks and other charitable projects. He said:
The video was uploaded on MrBeast’s “Beast Philanthropy” Channel on March 9, 2023, and has garnered almost 2.5 million views in just one day. The YouTuber donated these shoes to kids in Africa.
Furthermore, he also has other videos on the same channel where he has provided school supplies to poor schools in America and even helped in rebuilding the homes of the storm and tornado survivors.
His videos receive millions of views and thousands of likes and comments from followers.
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