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New Tesla Model Y Crossovers Exiting Giga Texas, Staged For Delivery – InsideEVs

As you can clearly see from the recent Tesla Giga Texas drone flyover video above, produced by Jeff Roberts, new Model Y SUVs are coming off the assembly line. Moreover, several are staged in a holding lot, reportedly ready to be loaded onto car carriers to head out for delivery.
With the chaos across the globe right now, some people worried that once Tesla’s new factories opened in Germany and Texas, supplies would be scarce, and the ramp-up would be slow. However, it appears Tesla is cranking out cars. Musk recently shared that even though the ramp looks small at first, it will become exponential.
Tesla did say early on that these factories would take a good amount of time to ramp up, which is to be expected with any factory. However, the US electric automaker has impressed the market with its ramp at Giga Shanghai, and its production and delivery numbers continue to prove it. What’s more, Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted during the Q1 2022 investors conference call that the factories in Texas and Germany will ramp up more quickly than the Shanghai factory. 
Roberts goes on to share that he filmed Tesla employees making preparations for more hardware in the stamping area. In addition, he points out that the ground is being further prepped for the location of the battery cathode facility.
Not only are there worries Tesla won’t be able to secure enough chips and “general” supplies to support the opening of two new factories at virtually the same time, but also battery materials, cells, packs, etc. Tesla is currently producing Model Y crossovers at Giga Texas with the company’s own 4680 cells and structural packs, though Musk shared that it will also use 2170 cells going forward.
As you can see in the video, there is a growing collection of completed Model Ys in a number of colors. Teslarati refers to Tesla’s order page stating that “custom Model Y” orders placed today are expected to be filled between October 2022 and January 2023.
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We know Tesla lost a notable chunk of production due to the extended shutdown at Giga Shanghai. However, Musk says he’s confident that even with the loss of time, the factory will produce the same number of cars in Q2 2022 as it did in Q1. With that said, can Tesla produce 1.5 million vehicles this year?
Source: Jeff Roberts (YouTube) via Teslarati
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