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T-Mobile US rumored to be in acquisition talks with Mint Mobile – RCR Wireless News

According to recent Bloomberg reports, T-Mobile US is considering purchasing mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Mint Mobile. Mint does not run its own network; instead, it operates on T-Mobile US’ network, which would likely make the acquisition in question much easier for current Mint customers.
Ultra Mobile, Mint Mobile’s parent company, has reportedly been seeking a buyer for the prepaid carrier since last year as the asset has continued its rise in notoriety, due in party to an ad campaign featuring its famous part-owner actor Ryan Reynolds.
In these ads, Reynolds employs his usual wisecracking style of humor to position the company as a more budget-friendly service provider compared to the bigger players. In the video below, for instance, Reynolds says that he asked Mint Mobile’s legal team “if big wireless companies are allowed to raise prices due to inflation.”
“They said yes,” he adds.
In 2021, Verizon bought the prepaid brand Tracfone for $6 billion. Then, in September 2022, Verizon launched its own prepaid brand called Total by Verizon, allowing it to more directly compete with T-Mobile’s prepaid brand Metro and AT&T’s Cricket Wireless.
It remains unclear whether, if acquired, the Mint brand would continue or if it would be absorbed by existing T-Mobile US brands. The pair aren’t responding to requests for comment at this time.

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