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is an incredibly popular way to watch TV shows and movies online. 
The streaming service has a HUGE library of titles for you to choose from, making it one of the most used streaming apps in the world. 
You can download Netflix TV shows and movies to watch if you are travelling, which can be incredibly handy for those long plane journeys or commutes on the train. 
Express.co.uk explains how to download Netflix content for offline viewing. 
For those of you stuck under a rock for the last five years, Netflix is the most popular online content streamer in the world. 
Millions of people worldwide binge-watch their favourite TV shows and movies using Netflix, with new titles being added constantly to keep viewers interested.
Netflix is available on most smart TVs and TV boxes, as well as an app on both iOS and Android devices. 
You can go online and watch thousands of movies from your computer or TV, or you can download titles for free onto your device for watching later. 

Netflix movies streaming: How to download movies for plane or train from Netflix without internet?
For now, downloading titles for offline playback is limited to the Netflix app, which is currently available for both iOS and Android. 
The functionality is also built into the Netflix app for Windows 10, assuming you’re running Windows 10 Anniversary Updateor later. 
The process is straightforward enough: Just open Netflix, choose download quality, and select the download option (when available) for offline viewing.  
The following general instructions should work for iOS, Android, and Windows 10, despite being specific to the latter.

You can download Netflix TV shows and movies to watch if you are travelling
First things first, you’ll need to make sure your Netflix app is up to date. 
If you don’t have your device set to auto update, simply click on the app in the App Store (you’ll need version 9.0 or later) for iOS devices, or do the same in the Google Play Store for Android devices. 
If you plan on using the Netflix app for Windows 10, select Store in the taskbar or Start menu, click your user icon, and select Downloads or Updates. 
Finally, select Check for Updates and the Netflix app will begin updating.

Netflix is the most popular online content streamer in the world
Then you will need to pick your download quality. Netflix offers two quality levels – Standard (720p) and High (1080p) for download. Standard definition will use less space on your device and will download faster.
To choose, select the menu icon on the left and scroll down to App Settings. 
From there, under the Downloads heading, click or tap Video Quality and select your preferred quality.
Once that is done, all you need to do is choose which TV show or movie to watch from the thousands of titles available for download. 
Not everything on Netflix is available for download, but the company has made downloadable titles easy to find by arranging them in a special section called simply Available for Download. 
To get there, click or tap the Menu button in the upper-left corner — it will be the first option below the Home section.
 If you’re searching for specific titles, simply look for the download icon, which is a downward arrow with a horizontal line beneath it.
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