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Best TV Series Coming to Apple TV+ in April 2023 – MovieWeb

Here are the best new and returning series coming to Apple TV+ in April 2023.
Although Netflix has been a big giant in providing constant entertainment through TV shows over the last few years, Apple TV+ has stepped in with a slew of quality shows in recent years. While the previous year saw the release of the final season of See, Shantaram, and the captivating documentary Prehistoric Planet, this year has already seen the debut of Ted Lasso season 3, Apple TV+'s most successful series, with many more to come. In the same tradition as our March roundup of the best Apple TV+ shows, April promises to be packed with must-see premieres for devoted viewers.
While Shrinking and Servant got Apple TV+ off to a great start this year, other intriguing series, such as Hello Tomorrow! and Extrapolations, have indicated how the year will be for Apple TV+ users. Given that many more are on the way in the coming months, we may see some truly spectacular releases from the company, like the two highly anticipated sequels and a few more conceptual series that will be released in April alone. Having said that, here are the best TV series coming to Apple TV+ in April 2023.
Schmigadoon!, the Primetime Emmy and AFI award winner, has been one of the most entertaining series over the past two years. This hit musical comedy series was created by Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul. The story centers around a couple, Josh Skinner (Keegan Michael Key) and Melissa Gimble (Cecily Strong), who discover a magical town while on a trip where everyone acts like they're in a classic musical.
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The couple, who rediscovered their love for each other in the first season, will continue reimagining the world of classic 1960s and 1970s musicals. The new season will feature original music songs from co-creator Cinco Paul and stars Cecily Strong, Keegan Michael Key, Martin Short, and many more. The series will debut on the streaming platform on Apr. 5.
When it comes to releasing TV shows, Apple TV+ always finds the right balance, as we witness a thriller series every month, along with a few documentaries and pleasant comedy installments. The upcoming thriller lineup includes the mystery-filled series The Last Thing He Told Me.
The new riveting series, starring Jennifer Garner, is based on Laura Dave's critically acclaimed, #1 New York Times best-selling novel of the same name, which she co-created with Josh Singer. Hannah is a woman who discovers her husband, Owen, has vanished during an embezzlement incident. She must use the clue left by Owen to discover the truth about her husband while protecting her sixteen-year-old stepdaughter Bailey, who may be tough to cope with at times. The show will premiere on Apr. 14.
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Jane, based on the work of Dr. Jane Goodwill, is arguably the most unique and anticipated Apple TV+ show of the upcoming month due to its relatable premise. This ten-episode family adventure series was created with children and families in mind, and it places a strong emphasis on animals and their habitats. Apple TV+ describes the story as follows:
Jane, a 9-year-old budding environmentalist on a quest to save endangered animals. Using her powerful imagination, Jane takes her best friends, David and Greybeard the chimpanzee, on epic adventures to help protect wild animals around the world because, according to her idol Dr. Jane Goodall: "Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, can they be saved."
Its visual presentation would reportedly be a blend of live-action and beautiful CGI. Jane, set to be released on Apr. 14, will take viewers on an exciting wildlife adventure.
While Apple TV+ produces its own original shows, it has recently begun to acquire international television series such as Legendary Entertainment's Drops of God. According to Deadline, the streamer beat out several competitors to land this series, which will be available in English, French, and Japanese. Here's how Apple TV+ describes its synopsis:
Frenchman Alexandre Léger, creator of the famous Léger Wine Guide and emblematic figure in oenology, has just passed away at his home in Tokyo at the age of 60. He leaves behind a daughter, Camille (Fleur Geffrier), who lives in Paris and hasn't seen her father since her parents separated when she was nine years old. When Camille flies to Tokyo and Léger's will is read, she discovers that her father has left her an extraordinary wine collection — the greatest collection in the world according to the experts. But, to claim the inheritance, Camille must compete with a brilliant young oenologist, Issei Tomine (Tomohisa Yamashita). Biological daughter versus spiritual son: the duel is about to begin. There are three tests to break the tie, all related to wine tasting. The winner will take ownership of Léger's empire, the loser will leave empty-handed. But how could Camille win such a duel? She knows nothing about wine, and worse: she has never drunk a single drop.
Apple TV+'s hit murder mystery series will return with a new season this spring. The series, which debuted in January 2022, swiftly became popular and received numerous positive reviews from critics. Following that, in March 2022, the streaming service announced a second season of this anthology series. The first season of The Afterparty takes place in a high school backdrop, reuniting former schoolmates, whereas the second season will take place at a wedding.
More specifically, in the second season, a wedding is ruined when the groom is murdered, and every guest is labeled a suspect. Detective Danner (Tiffany Haddish) returns to assist Aniq (Sam Richardson) in solving the mystery by questioning family members and business partners, each with a different story to tell. The second season of The Afterparty will air on Apple TV+ on Apr. 28.
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