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Roblox to allow adult-themed games on the multiverse platform, players react – Sportskeeda

As far as the younger player base in Roblox is concerned, the metaverse is well-known for its PG elements and strict regulations. According to Bloxy News, a major update is coming to the game, in which players can access and create content for adult users and contain references to gambling, profanity, dating, and alcohol.
The update will target a larger and older playerbase on the gaming platform and turn the metaverse from a kid-friendly interface to a mature one.
This announcement surprised the metaverse community as it could signal the beginning of a new era in Roblox’s long history. Such a massive change is set to increase the user base of the metaverse in the future. Here’s how players reacted to having such content on the platform.
Talk about the new update has spread like wildfire, as Roblox will no longer be a kid-friendly game. Some individuals were shocked by the thought of 18+ exposure in the metaverse. However, most of them seem positive about the change, as the update will bring new games and UGC to the community.
Roblox account users who are under the age of 13 will be unable to access 13+ titles on the metaverse. Furthermore, games with an age recommendation of 9+ will be suggested to younger players.
The age guidelines for games with adult themes will be set to 18+ or 21+, depending on the gameplay. Blood, alcohol use, gore, and psychological horror will be added to the new titles on the metaverse. Games with difficult and soul-like gameplay will be developed and released.
New parental guidelines and settings will be added to the profiles. This way, one can keep track of their kids’ activities in the metaverse. Gambling-themed games will feature simulation mechanisms and won’t involve real money. These titles can involve hats, accessories, and more from the users’ inventories.
Romance and dating-themed games are not new to the platform. However, this update might introduce gameplay that revolves explicitly around dating features.
These additions might become a huge problem as younger players can change their age on their profiles to access 18+ games. They also risk being scammed and misled by other players on the server.
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