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7 Best New Movies on Amazon Prime Video in June 2023 – Collider

If you’re looking for a movie about a killer doll or the directorial debut of Michael B. Jordan, you’ve come to the right place.
While the best new release coming to Prime Video this month is the outstanding upcoming Boots Riley series I’m a Virgo, there are also plenty of great movies that are coming to the platform this month as well. From the best last year had to offer in both horror and drama to modern science fiction classics, we’ve got you covered on all you need to know for June.
Available on: June 1
Director: Denis Villeneuve | Run Time: 116 min | Genre: Science Fiction, Drama
The best in director Denis Villeneuve’s filmography to date, Arrival is a science fiction film that flaunts convention to tell a story about connection with what draws us together even amid great strife. Based on the equally magnificent 1998 short story “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang, it follows linguistics professor Louise Banks as she is called to help communicate with mysterious life forms that have landed in a spacecraft hovering above Montana. Played by the perpetually underrated Amy Adams in one of her best performances to date, Banks will have to find a way to build connection with not just the aliens, but also with her fellow people across the world who are on a razor’s edge as they deal with their own spacecraft hovering above them. Tensions are high and fear begins to take hold as existing conflicts are exacerbated, threatening to send the world into war over what to do with the first contact of this kind. The delicately emotional manner in which the story grounds itself, looking through time at love and loss, makes this one of the most deeply affecting films of all time. It reveals who we are underneath it all when faced with the unimaginable.
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Available on: June 9
Director: Michael B. Jordan | Run Time: 116 min | Genre: Drama, Sport
If you thought that this franchise was running on empty, Creed III is here to make you think again. The directorial debut of Michael B. Jordan, who also returns in the leading role, it has plenty more dynamic boxing, well-written drama, and questions of legacy for you to get in the ring with. Is it still very much a story you’ve seen before in how it looks at family? Probably. Does the final fight scene still push this series in a new direction and make it all work? Very much yes.
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Available on: June 1
Director: Carl Franklin | Run Time: 102 min | Genre: Mystery
Up next, we throw it back to a neo-noir from director Carl Franklin that remains one of his films which really deserves your time. Starring the forever dynamic Denzel Washington as the down-on-his-luck Easy Rawlins, it rides along with him as he navigates 1948 Los Angeles in search of a missing woman. He does so out of his necessity, as he was recently laid off and needs work, though finds that there is more to this job than he realized when he took it. Both a sendup and a sharp deconstruction of the genre, it is one of those films that remains so rich in so many key aspects that you can just get swept up away by it. Plus, it has a scene-stealing turn by Don Cheadle as a man named Mouse which puts it just a cut above most anything else out there.
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Available on: June 11
Director: Christopher Nolan | Run Time: 169 min | Genre: Science Fiction, Drama
You thought we were done with science fiction? Think again. Though Christopher Nolan has made some epic films, both in the length of their runtime as well as the places they take us, none are quite as simultaneously moving and horrifying as Interstellar. That’s right, give me all the cheesy sentimentality about loving being the most powerful force in the universe and cross it with some of the most stunning sequences ever put to screen as it is really great even almost a decade since it first released.
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Available on: June 27
Director: Gerard Johnstone | Run Time: 102 min | Genre: Science Fiction, Horror
The box office horror hit M3gan is now unleashed for the select few of you who didn’t make it out to the theaters to see her. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the film is about a robotic doll that becomes part of an unsuspecting family that she will begin to torment. We know what you’re thinking, haven’t I seen this all done before? Maybe, but we promise it isn’t anything quite like this. While more silly than it is outright scary, the film is still a good time from start to finish as we see this doll slowly gain sentience. She can dance, do your taxes, and do a little bit of murder for good measure. We don't know if it will be quite as much fun to see at home as it would be with a crowd, but there is still plenty of joy to be had in this horror romp.
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Available on: June 16
Director: Michael Showalter | Run Time: 112 min | Genre: Comedy, Drama
Next is Spoiler Alert which, If it wasn’t already clear from its title, is a film that attempts to grapple with the stories that we tell ourselves to make meaning out of the many upheavals in our lives. In this case, it is one that begins when two people fall in love. Initially, it rather dutifully follows the basic formula of a meet-cute. Awkward yet endearing introductions give way to the greater depths and pitfalls of emotional connection. However, hanging over the entire experience is the fact that this film is not a love story that has a happy ending. If you’ve read the memoir on which it is based then you already know how this goes, but it still is worth taking the journey all the same.
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Available on: June 6
Director: Todd Field | Run Time: 158 min | Genre: Drama, Music
Lastly, this is the film that is not only one of the best of this list, but also one of the best of all last year. TÁR is the latest from writer-director Todd Field who returns with his best work to date after more than a decade since his last film. It stars a titanically good Cate Blanchett as the titular Lydia Tár who is one of the world’s most talented musical minds and at the height of her career. However, as we come to know her, we also discover that she has used her genius to hurt others. A character study that takes us deep into the mind of a musical mastermind and how she has built this persona to protect herself from criticism, it never lets go once it grabs hold of you.
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