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Dogecoin price prediction DOGE on the way to 1 The rally is fading but the outlook is bullish
Dogecoin (DOGE) was already having a good start to 2023 as many think meme coins will be some of the most popular tokens in 2023. However, things really took off a few days ago when noted DOGE supporter Elon Musk changed the logo of the social media platform Twitter from its usual blue bird to the dog that stars as the logo for Dogecoin.
While the market as a whole is experiencing a bullish run due to the trouble that traditional banking in the states is currently embroiled in, Dogecoin looks like it can stand on its own two feet and bullish predictions suggest it could even hit $1. While DOGE looks like it could finally actually be heading toward the mood, Love Hate Inu (LHINU), DeeLance (DLANCE), Metropoly (METRO), Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), and RobotEra (TARO) most certainly are.
The five coins are currently going through presale and indications suggest that once they are listed on the various CEX exchanges they will pump 10x and give great returns to their early investors. We will get into these tokens soon but first, let’s see how Dogecoin will perform for the rest of the year and beyond.
As we can see from the above chart Dogecoin has enjoyed a fairly profitable 2023 so far. However, what really stands out is the jump in price from the 3rd to the 4th of April. This was of course when Elon Musk changed the logo of Twitter to the Dogecoin logo and the price jumped by over 20% overnight. This is great news for investors but how does it affect its price in the future?
While many people will point to the fact that Dogecoin is over-reliant on Elon Musk and other celebrities talking about it, they forget that this has always been the way of the DOGE. The meme coin even started out as a joke! It is its inherent ability to go viral that makes it such an interesting crypto for investors as you never know when it is going to take off again.
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However, for those looking for a more concrete reason to believe Dogecoin will reach $1 in the next few years, we must return once again to Elon Musk and Twitter. There is still the real possibility that Twitter will introduce crypto as a payment method for their Twitter Blue and that DOGE will be one of the accepted payment methods. This would really cause the price to go to the moon so expecting it to hit $1 isn’t an outrageous claim.
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So the price of DOGE looks like it will continue upwards but what about the five coins we mentioned in the opening? Let’s take a look at their credentials now.
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Love Hate Inu is one of the most exciting presale currently ongoing, many experts are even tipping it to be the best selling meme coin of 2023. However is it so much more than that as it is also a V2E platform. Simply stake LHINU for 30 days and you will be allowed to vote on some of the most interesting topics in the news and on social media.
Later on this year users will even be able to suggest and run their own polls, the more you stake the influence you will have on these sorts of decisions. The inventors have always implemented a clever strategy to ensure the future of the coin is in good hands. 90% of coins will be sold during the presale so only those with a vested interest will have any say on the direction of the project in the future.
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 DeeLance- The decentralized platform that will change freelancing
The freelance industry is continually growing but the platforms that connect employers and freelancers tend to have a lot of issues. For example the fees they charge both parties (especially freelancers) tend to be very unfair and they often fail to solve disputes.
DeeLance, through tehri decentralized platform, will help solve these issues. They will implement an escrow service for payments which will certainly solve most disputes. Then, even for disputes that pop up they will have a dedicated resolution center where they will arbitrate to help solve the issues for both parties.
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Metropoly (METRO) will be the first crypto project that will give its users the opportunity to invest in the real estate market, and what makes it even cooler is it’s the world wide real estate market. How it works is that some of the most sought after properties from around the world will be tokenized into NFTs, fractionalized, and then sold to METRO holders for as little as $100.
Not only is this a great deal but unlike with physical real estate deals the whole process will only take a few seconds and doesn’t involve a tonne of paper work or realtor fees. Passive income will be earned from the property just like in real life from rent.
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The crypto market has realized that to survive it must go green so projects like Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) are going to be met with great excitement. How it works is its users will download the Ecoterra app and scan/log items they are recycling.
They will then receive a certain amount of ECOTERRA as a reward depending on what they have recycled. The excitement surrounding the project is building as a partnership with Lion has been announced who own supermarkets all over the world.
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It feels like a new P2E game is launched every day now so finding a real special one like RobotEra (TARO) is a treat. It is sandbox-like in nature so you will have endless hours of fun just exploring the Metaverse as your playable robot NFT.
Revenue can also be earned from other players of the game so it encourages clever game play. The inventors expect players to build shopping centers and theaters among lots of other amenities so if you can think of a great way to monetize your land you could be in for a big windfall of crypto!
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While some experts are skeptical about the future of Dogecoin we are more bullish and believe it can reach $1 in the next few years. While the progress will be slow with DOGE it certainly won’t be for the five other coins we have discussed in this piece once they are launched. Before that investors have a chance to get them at their presale prices which likely won’t be around for long.
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